Ranking 'The Office's Best & Worst Moments, Because This Show Was An Important Part Of TV History

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It may seem a tough job to rank The Office 's best and worst moments, but, as with any series that holds some semblance of importance in pop culture, it's necessary — and when it comes to The Office, you can't discount the importance of it on the slate of modern American television. Premiering midseason on March 24, 2005 (aka, 10 whole years ago), the dry, mockumentary sitcom introduced network TV to a new style and format. In fact, it's arguable that The Office ushered in a wave of inventive single-camera programming as a new sitcom standard, launched the career of Steve Carell, prompted a love affair between U.S. viewers and series of British origin, and, with the relationship between Jim and Pam, made as good a stab at anyone else at replacing Ross and Rachel.

Influence aside, The Office didn't always do everything right. Over its nine seasons on air (a good deal more than anyone on board likely expected to work with), the Greg Daniels creation showcased a few major slip-ups in terms of character, plot, and comedy on the whole.

But we remember The Office fondly, warts and all. So in celebration of our years spent at Dunder Mifflin, here's a look back at all the highs and lows of the special, game-changing sitcom.

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