What If Tom Hiddleston Starred In 'Friends'? The Guys Would Have Some Serious Competition

NBC's Friends is pretty much a flawless show on its own, but can you imagine if Tom Hiddleston was in Friends ? That would be off-the-charts awesome. It's basically impossible to have that be real since the show originally premiered in 1994 when Hiddleston was just 13. But let's just pretend, because we can, that he was old enough to star alongside the cast we know and love. How would it change the show for the better? (Or for the worse, if you consider how he would impact the other characters' lives.)

Usually, you don't want to go messing around with something that's already perfect, but I like to think that Hiddleston is so wonderful that he can basically exist anywhere and only improve things. (Think of all the things that would be better with some Hiddles. The dentist, Pirates of the Caribbean, your high school English class, etc.)

So what would your favorite '90s sitcom have looked like if it starred the national treasure that is Hiddleston? Well for one thing, the other guys on the show would have had a lot more (and stiffer) competition than just each other. Here are ten ways Hiddleston's presence would have changed the show.

He'd Upstage Joey's Acting

Everyone on Friends kind of stays in their own professional corner, but, if Hiddleston were on the show, he and Joey would be competing for the same types of jobs. Maybe Hiddles would have landed the Dr. Drake Ramoray role. Think of how differently Joey's life would have turned out!

All the Girls Would Have Been Into Him

Sorry Ross, but who is going to pick you when Hiddleston is right there?

He'd Be Annoyed By All the Time They Spend at Central Perk

Because he'd much rather have tea than coffee, and Rachel would never be able to make a proper English tea.

He and Phoebe Probably Would Have Gotten Along Really Well

And they would have a musical act together.

He'd Be the Same Way About Shakespeare That Ross Is About Dinosaurs

And the two of them would bond over their mutual nerd-dom.

He Wouldn't Have Understood the Focus on Thanksgiving

It's a huge holiday for the Friends gang, but British Hiddleston wouldn't quite get the symbolism. Although even he would get excited about Underdog getting away.

He'd Be Appalled That Rachel Ruined the English Trifle

You don't mess with Hiddleson and his pudding.

The London Trip Would Have Been a Lot Less Touristy

Instead of Chandler and Joey doing all the sight-seeing stuff, Hiddleston could have shown them London as a British person knows it. They'd get to see all the cool spots that people don't think to go because they just hit up Big Ben or the London Eye.

He Was Built for a Laugh Track

So dorky.

That Apartment Would Be Crowded

If all the friends were in Monica's apartment at the same time, that would be seven people total counting Hiddles. I don't even think there's enough seating in that apartment for that. In the end it probably wouldn't work to add Hiddleston to such an iconic show, but it would be interesting to see how he would change the dynamic in new and fun ways. Guess I'll just have to stick to daydreaming about it.

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