'Catfish' Couple Chitara & Priscilla Are Already Broken Up, But Still Looking For MTV's Help With Closure

The next episode of Catfish picks right up where most episodes leave off: with the revelation that subject Chitara was dumped by online girlfriend Priscilla. The two, of course, met online, but when they attempted to meet up in person, Priscilla always had a handy excuse. But when Chitara demanded answers, Priscilla responded by ending the relationship.

The same-gender Catfish episodes are often subject to the biggest twists — likely because it's often a surprise to the person seeking answers that they've been talking with a person of the same gender the entire time, or because there are often other factors like former marriages or unsupportive families that complicate finding relationships for some younger gay or bisexual Catfishees, driving them away from more traditional modes of dating.

But there's no need to overanalyze this: just because this week's episode is about two women doesn't mean that it will be different than any other Catfish tale. Chitara may have gotten an unlucky start on dating women, but no matter what news she receives by the end of Catfish, I'm sure she won't give up on her dating life just because of one bad experience. Watch the preview for her episode below.

She's Not As Active on Social Media Anymore

Chitara has two Twitter accounts. One exclusively posts her Libra horoscope from an astrology site. No pictures, no other posts. The other doesn't have her full name attached to it, but it seems like more of a confessional sounding board for friends that hasn't been updated since 2013. She still has a MySpace account, but that also doesn't look super active either. Her Tumblr hasn't been updated since 2014. She's no longer an online junkie.

She's a Poet

Chitara has posted a few poems online. She has a single entry on a site called Poetry Poem, and wrote several confessional poem/essays on her Tumblr, as well as a romantic short story. She writes about a lot of emotional turmoil, but also opens up about people she needs to forgive and move on from — that sounds like it could be about her relationship with Priscilla.

Her Guest Host Is Alex Shaffer

Alex Shaffer is a young actor who actually stars in Max's directorial debut, and he looks like he's just trying to help Chitara in her journey to get over her breakup.

And More Than Anything, She's Looking for Closure

Chitara was abruptly dumped by Priscilla, who told her that she faked the entire relationship. But while normally that's exactly what the subject finds out at the end of a Catfish episode, Chitara just isn't satisfied by that. She wants the opportunity to hunt down an ex and find an explanation, a luxury most of us don't get without Nev Schulman, MTV, and Catfish on our side.

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