Caleb Helps The Police On 'Pretty Little Liars,' Because Even A Can't Stop Him From Being The Best Boyfriend Ever

As the big day approached, all Pretty Little Liars fans knew the Season 5 finale would put the Liars in danger. From the dollhouse theme to the ominous countdown in the promo to the foreboding teases from the series' cast and creators, all signs pointed to danger. But one thing we might not have anticipated is one of the Liars' significant others nearly getting caught in the crossfire. While the girls faced A's most horrific behavior to date, Caleb tried to figure out where A took the Liars when they were kidnapped en route to prison. And while that almost lead to Caleb's own arrest, surprisingly, he was able to sway the police (with some help from the very intimidating Hastings) and in the end, Caleb helped the police on PLL as they tried to find the girls.

Even though they didn't interact once during "Welcome To The Dollhouse," Caleb and Hanna managed to prove, more than once, that they are PLL's best couple. First, after a game of Mystery Date got personal, we saw Hanna stand up to A (well, A's creepy spy cameras) saying that they had won, but to leave Caleb out of it. Meanwhile, Caleb was working with Ezra and Toby in attempt to find the girls, and while he did succeed in finding the abandoned van that was supposed to bring the girls to jail, by the time everyone got there, the Liars were long gone.

They did find A's lair, filled with cameras monitoring them in the dollhouse, so something good did come of all Caleb's hacking: Finally, the adults have indisputable truth of A. Hopefully when PLL returns, the police and everyone else in Rosewood will get their acts together and find the girls, before it's too late.

Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family