Charles DiLaurentis Is Spencer's Brother & Big A On 'Pretty Little Liars,' So Let's Trace This Destructive Family Tree

Even though we may not have seen their actual face on Pretty Little Liars, Big A being Charles DiLaurentis and Jason's twin actually reveals a lot. I don't know about you, but in the first few minutes following the hyped #BigAReveal,I was so distracted by the fact that Charles is apparently Jason's twin, I totally forgot that Charles DiLaurentis must also be Spencer's brother. While at first this may not seem like as big of a deal as the oft-discussed twin theory finally coming true, if Charles really is Jason's twin, it means that this entire time, A has been Spencer's brother.

In case you forgot, Peter Hastings is Jason's biological father, as he had an affair with Jessica DiLaurentis, which Alison eventually figured out. We learned this fact along with Spencer in Season 2, and finally understood why the Hastings and DiLaurentis families hated each other so much. We also learned that Mr. Hastings didn't see Jason until the DiLaurentis family moved back to Rosewood, so in all likelihood, Mr. Hastings doesn't now that he actually has two sons. Wherever Charles went that he didn't grow up with Ali and Jason, Ali was young enough that she doesn't remember him — we can assume she would've mentioned her long lost brother at some point in the A investigation. So if Mr. Hastings didn't see Jason until he was riding his back down their street, that was probably after Charles left the family. It would also explain why absolutely no one in Rosewood seems to know anything about him.

But let's get back to Spencer. Charles being her brother makes the manner in which he discovered his connection to Jason much more meaningful. As the Liars were fleeing a truly terrifying dollhouse after cutting the power, Spencer stumbled across a room they hadn't seen before. In it, an old fashioned film projector played a home movie of Mrs. DiLaurentis, as she encouraged two young blonde boys to kiss their baby sister goodnight. Suddenly, Charles appears behind Spencer, and she puts the whole thing together. Well, she at least put together that Charles is a DiLaurentis. Whether she realizes that he's more than likely her very own half-brother remains to be seen.

Image: ABC