Is Charles Red Coat On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Marlene King Says We'll Find Out In Season 6

Even though we know that Charles DiLaurentis is Big A on Pretty Little Liars , we're still left with millions of questions. In addition to the big ones — like who the heck is Charles, is he Jason DiLaurentis' twin, and why did he take the game from Mona? — there are other forms of A that who have identities yet. Throughout the show's five seasons, A has appeared as Red Coat, the Black Widow, and other black-hoodie-wearing figures, so are they all A or just his minions? Let's start with Red Coat, who was kind of Alison as she used it as a disguise in Rosewood and kind of CeCe when she wore it to distract A in Ravenswood. If that's the case, then A — a.k.a. Charles — can't be Red Coat, right? Every time we've seen Red Coat, she's in a red trench coat and tights, and although Charles could just have really great legs and wear a long blond wig with his Ali mask, it's doubtful that he's parading around town that way.

Chances are that Red Coat was just a minion working for A who was terrorizing Alison and the Liars. When ET Online asked Marlene King if we'd learn the identities of these mysterious characters, she promised next season will bring many reveals. "Yes, absolutely, Yes," she said. "The finale and the next 10 episodes answer every single one of those questions." We have been promised answers many times, so I won't hold my breath, but hopefully we'll at least know if Charles has a huge team of minions doing his dirty work, or if he mostly does everything on his own from the lair. There's still a strong possibility that Andrew Campbell is Charles/A, but it seems like too much of a dead giveaway with his sketchy behavior — especially the moment where he's listening in on Veronica Hastings' phone call in the Season 5 finale. My best guess is that Red Coat will either be someone unknown to us who does A's dirty work or she's surprisingly someone we know and love. It's always one extreme or the other with Pretty Little Liars.

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