There Might Be Bad News For 'Hart Of Dixie'

by Kristie Rohwedder

Uh oh. Looks like there's some bad news for the residents of Bluebell: Last Friday, Hart of Dixie creator Leila Gerstein tweeted that the final three episodes of the series would begin airing that night. As in, the final three episodes ever. According to E! Online, The CW has yet to officially address whether or not Hart of Dixie has been canceled, but Gerstein’s tweets don't exactly leave a ton of room for interpretation:

"The final three episodes of #HartofDixie begin tonight. Buckle up, I think you will enjoy the ride. Xo," she wrote, before adding in two more tweets, "No one out there loves #HOD more than me. I would have gone 17 years! But I assure you, we prepared for this... And the finale will be tremendously satisfying to all."

Additionally, on Friday, Hart of Dixie star Jaime King weighed in with her own comments about the show's future — and, similarly, they weren't very promising. King bid goodbye to the character she plays in the series, Lemon, in a bittersweet Instagram post:

From Lemons first entrance, to the last 2 final series episodes, I shall take my final bow. Farewell, my beloved Bluebell. It has been the best 4 years of my life, giving my heart and soul to this role & to our dear fans of Hart of Dixie. To Leila Gerstein you are my idol, a role model for every woman, a true storyteller, a BRILLIANT show runner & mother, you baffle me with your ability- you gave me a character that will never leave me because you saw that she was in me, that I could make her human, vulnerable, a punch in the face lovable Lemon. You let me take her and make her my own, knowing from the beginning that that is what I would do- make her so real it hurt because she just wanted so much to love and be loved. Thank you my dear cast & crew- we were on some ride or die shit- through the laughter, tears, pushes and pulls- how we have grown through each other so beautifully. To @joshschwartz76 & @TheFakeEmpire team- you are so NOT a fake empire- you lead me to the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and actually touch it. I wished for that my entire Midwestern childhood. Zoe, isn't it funny how enemies are just one in the same? Rachel B- you know I did this show to be close to you buddy, I love you. @cw_network, Mark Pedowitz, Lori Openden - there are no words. #ClassAct To our fans- You have lifted me and given me a gift greater than my wildest dreams. I thank you. I thank you. I thank you. And I love you more than words can ever express. And Lemon, you taught me so much- break the rules- be naughty for the ones you care about- be the BEST FUCKING FRIEND because loyalty requires shenanigans sometimes and being a best friend means that sometimes we act stupid, senseless, blinded by what looks like selfishness but is actually the purest love and wanting the best for that other person- tradition is great if it means being true to yourself, if not let it go gracefully or with the middle finger- you don't have to rely on the approval or acceptance of others to love yourself, just love yourself because you are love, be a feminist & the only thing close to being "perfect" is following your heart. We are one. #HartofDixeForever Xx

Who else feels like sobbing right about now? Though none of those sounds promising, unless The CW officially confirms this news, I'm still holding out hope. But, if Hart of Dixie really does hang up its hat for the last time at the end of this month, it would be such a shame for many, many reasons. Here are four of those reasons:

The ‘ships

Ugh, so many good ‘ships, so little time. Not ready to move on!!!!

Bluebell, Alabama

If the show ends, that means no more Bluebell, aka quite possibly the most idyllic fictional town on TV since Stars Hollow. If the show goes away, how the heck are we supposed to visit Bluebell? Yeah, yeah, I guess we can watch reruns, but it isn't the saaaaaaame!

It's genuinely delightful

Look, I love brooding dramas and action-packed fantasy shows as much as the next person, but I'll be damned if I am not a sucker for a sweet comedy-drama. HoD is one of the sweetest comedy-dramas on television at the moment. Are you in a mopey mood? Fire up the first season of HoD. I promise it'll cure whatever ails you.

First The Carrie Diaries was snatched away from us, and now we might've lost HoD? Killin' me, The CW.

Rachel Bilson/Zoe

No more HoD = no more Dr. Zoe Hart. AUGHHHHH. When The O.C. got the ax back in 2007, I was devastated. One of the reasons why: Summer Roberts, duh. If HoD really was cancelled, that means the plug has been pulled on yet another charming Rachel Bilson character. Rachel Bilson is a national treasure. She should be on TV always.

Again, the cancellation is not confirmed, so I guess we should wait before we really start to freak out.

Here are the tweets and King's Instagram post:

Images: Robert Voets/The CW; ritacarpinteiro, weareinfinitive/tumbr