Do Chitara & Ashanti From 'Catfish' Talk? These Exes Don't Seem To Be On Good Terms

Past Catfish episodes usually start with two people who say they're in love with each other. Wednesday's episode of Catfish with Chitara and Priscilla was different. These two women were already broken up, but Chitara wanted to know who exactly broke up with her, because she clearly didn't believe entirely in Priscilla. That's where Nev and Alex Shaffer came in (don't worry, Max will be back soon!), and the two detectives were almost immediately able to debunk the idea of Priscilla when they found a ton of profiles with the same pictures. As it turns out, Priscilla was actually Ashanti. So what are Chitara and Ashanti doing today?

The meeting on Wednesday's Catfish was pretty confrontational. Chitara was extremely mad that Priscilla was actually Ashanti — even though she's on Catfish, what did she expect? — and the emotions ran even higher when Ashanti revealed she had only recently turned 18. Among the other lies that Ashanti had told Chitara, Ashanti's mother was still alive, even though she told Chitara that she had died. It turns out, Ashanti had been using fake profiles since she was 13 years old, which is pretty crazy considering I think I was just learning about Google at 13.

The day after the heated confrontation outside Ashanti's house, Nev, Alex, Chitara, and Ashanti all sat down to talk through what was going on. Ashanti revealed that she had made these profiles to escape the life she was living — it sounds like she had a tough childhood — and her breaking up with Chitara was her way of getting out of the lie. While I'm never sure what to believe on Catfish, I'll give Ashanti the benefit of the doubt, because she seemed slightly sorry about what happened. So what's the update on these two women?

Well, that's pretty hard to tell, since neither of them are active on social media (well, Ashanti's profiles are unknown, so she may be tweeting up a storm under another name). Chitara has two Twitter profiles and an Instagram account — which is private — but hasn't been active other than one Tweet posted the day after the show aired.

Shut it doowwwwwnnnn Chitara! Chitara took to Twitter, for the first time since 2013, to clear up that she is a mother and a grad student, after someone said she was "another actress/model."

As for Ashanti, it's tough to say what she is up to, especially because she didn't give an update at the end of Catfish. We do know that she has deactivated her Priscilla profile, so hopefully that's a step in the right direction towards recovering from being a catfish-er. As for Ki'Loni, the woman whose photos Ashanti used, she had a good sense of humor about the entire situation.

Image: MTV