When Will Negan Appear On 'The Walking Dead'? The Saviors May Not Be The Group We Meet In Season 5's Finale

If there's one thing we know about The Walking Dead, it's that nothing ever stays good for long. While there are already high tensions within Alexandria Safe-Zone, there have been numerous signs that more trouble is coming. Even though there is likely to be an attack on Alexandria Safe-Zone next week, I don't think Negan and the Saviors will join The Walking Deadat least not yet. Instead, it's much more likely that The Scavengers will go by “The Wolves” and attack the Alexandria Safe-Zone in the finale. Luckily, if the show follows the comics, The Wolves are going to fail.

We don’t know too much about the 90-minute finale yet, except what the preview below shows. Rick is basically locked up for a night and facing possible exile from the Safe-Zone, while Carol threatens to kill Peter Anderson. We’re also way overdue for the Ws on those walkers and all the references to wolves to be explained. So far, the second half of Season 5 has been pretty spot-on to the comic books. Yes, there are people here and there that have been changed around a bit, but the general plot has been extremely similar. So how do I know that the wolves who have been hinted at aren’t the Saviors?

In The Walking Dead TV show, we are about where the comic was in issues 76-78. In issue 78, The Scavengers attack the Safe-Zone. It’s a one-time battle and The Scavengers pretty much get their butts kicked (not without a few casualties of course). Negan and the Saviors, however, are a huge part of the series and don't appear until issue 100. While the show can stray from the comics, it seems unlikely that it would skip ahead so far into the future. We should have some time before meeting Negan. Here are a few signs that you can watch out for, in the finale and beyond, which would suggest that a Negan introduction isn’t too far around the corner. Of course, spoilers for The Walking Dead comics below.

Hilltop Colony

Negan has a major history with the Hilltop Colony, so when we finally get there on TV, you will know that Negan is probably not far behind.

Glenn & Maggie Talk About Leaving Alexandria

Glenn and Maggie will decide that they want to go to Hilltop Colony because it’s safer there. First of all, mistake. Second of all, when they start mentioning moving away from the Safe-Zone, you should prepare yourself.


In the comics, we meet Dwight right before we meet Negan for the first time. Dwight has half of his face burnt, so when you see a non-zombie with that feature, you'll know Negan is near.

Abraham Dies

Breathe slowly. I know it’s hard to hear. I am sorry, but Negan is close when we lose Abraham. Get ready to mourn.

Images: Gene Page/AMC; Wifflegif (2)