Will Jake Ballard on 'Scandal' Turn On Olivia? Crazy As It Sounds He Might Have Reason To

I did not start off a big fan of Jake and Olivia's relationship, but by this point in the fourth season, it is really hard not to root for them. Which is why the suggestion that Jake might turn on Olivia on next week's Scandal caused me to start yelling "What?!" at my television loudly enough that they could probably hear me all the way at Pope and Associates despite the office being several hundred miles and an alternate reality away. Jake betray Olivia? Could it be?

So far, if there is one constant truth about Jake and Olivia's relationship it is the fact that Jake is always loyal to Olivia. In fact, way back in season two he risked his life to protect her from B6-13 even though he knew she was in love with the president, and he got thrown in a hole for it. And still loved her. Plus, there was that whole thing this season where she saved him from being framed for the murder of the president's son and executed. So it's not like this relationship is a one-way street in the saving department, either.

So is the promo for next week just trying to freak us out over nothing? Or could there really be something to make Jake turn on Olivia? Unfortunately, the answer to both questions is "possibly." Because the thing is that although the show still hasn't delved too deeply into the psychological fallout of Olivia's kidnapping (seriously, the woman should be seeing a therapist) it's clear that Olivia is processing some things — and doesn't seem to be leaning on Jake at all while she's doing it. And while I don't think that Jake is petty enough to hold that against her, if Olivia starts actively pushing him away or decides to end the relationship because it just doesn't make sense to her anymore, that could piss Jake off enough to lash out, especially if Olivia starts seeing Fitz again instead.

But honestly, the most likely reason Jake might turn on Olivia is if she gets involved in the investigation into B6-13 that David Rosen is leading. Jake is not a fan of the investigation, for the obvious reason that it could put him in prison for several life sentences given his many past crimes, but so far he hasn't done anything to shut down the investigation. But if he starts to feel the walls closing in, there's no telling what he might do to the people boxing him in — even if one of those people is the woman he claims to love.

So will Jake betray Olivia? And if he does, what will his reasons be? One thing's for sure: next week can't come soon enough.

Image: Ron Tom/ABC