7 Ways To Get More Of 'The Voice' In Our Lives Because Let's Face It, We Need It

Ah, The Voice. It's the musical competition sensation that sweeps the nation every season, pulling us back into a whirlwind of amazing talent both from the contestants and from the judges themselves. The Voice is so beloved that I think its audience would follow any spin-off show that had the same title branded across the top. More so if the same judges are somehow involved. Think about it: Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, and Pharrell Williams are totally people you want more of in your life.

I'm not saying that there's any way The Voice could get better; they have themselves a winning formula and year after year, we can't wait to see what comes next. I'm just saying that the end of every episode leaves me wanting so much more that I always wish there were extras outside the bonus clips that I could watch online. Like, why can't there be an entire franchise series I could be watching, as well?

So, here are my ideas for seven spin-off shows that The Voice fans would love just as much as they love The Voice. Less is not more when it comes to a great show like this one.

1. The Voice: Blake & Adam Edition

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Listen, all the judges on The Voice are wonderful, but whenever Blake Shelton and Adam Levine express the affection that makes up the very foundation of their bromance, I end up screeching at my television. If there was a TV show in which Shelton and Levine just went back and forth singing cover songs and having the other judges weigh in on how well they did, I would watch the hell out of it.

2. The Diva Power Hour

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Christina Aguilera is the actual diva queen of my life, but she is also the actual diva queen of The Voice. The sad thing about the word diva is that despite Beyoncé's assertions that it is "the female version of a hustler," it still holds a negative connotation about women to this day. This spin-off show would seek to fix that by focusing on Aguilera coaching the next generation of divas into accepting the label and never letting their star fade. So, it's basically what she does on the show naturally anyway, but for an hour of just that.

3. Chair Spin Competition

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The judges keep spinning those chairs... around and around and around to a medley of their own music. Much like musical chairs, the music suddenly cuts out and they each have to stop spinning abruptly. First one to stop — without throwing up — gets their first choice of contestants. It's a perfect plan! Hell, they could even incorporate it into the main show, if they wanted to. I know I'd enjoy it.

4. The Voice Fashion Police

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Part of the package of being a superstar is knowing what to wear and who you're wearing just in case the interviewers on the red carpet forget to #AskHerMore. The Voice Fashion Police would give the contestants a makeover in the kind of expensive clothes that only superstars can afford and teach them how to field those red carpet questions and comments that other celebrities handle with such grace and aplomb.

5. The Voice: Garage Band Edition

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Not only does every contestant on this show have to be in a band, but they all have to be in a garage band. As in, their audition video needs to have been filmed in someone's garage. That's the only way to get the most organic sound out of the instruments, you know? (This spin-off could also be called The Voice: Hipster Edition. Just saying.)

6. The Air Guitar Voice

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There will be no singing on this spin off of The Voice. Instead, the only sound will be the dulcet sounds of the air guitar that everyone will be playing. Imagine Katy Perry by air guitar. Imagine Maroon 5 by air guitar. Imagine the hilarious moves everyone would do while playing their air guitar, to better endear themselves to their audience. Oh my god, it would be the best thing anyone has ever witnessed. Plus, then I could actually compete on the show. I play a mean air guitar.

7. Battle of the Voice

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Instead of the contestants having to compete against each other for musical domination, it is the judges who have to compete against each other. Who doesn't love it when the judges perform? Is Blake Shelton the best performer on The Voice? Is it Christina Aguilera? Can we bring Usher back and have him compete, as well? This spin-off should would basically be an excuse to listen to an hour long concert of some of the biggest names out there, with the audience voting on the winner. Things would get ugly on social media, but everyone would tune in.

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