Lululemon's ABC Short Will Protect Your Junk

by Emily Kirkpatrick

The ladies looove Lululemon. Whether running errands or actually doing yoga, it seems like women of all ages will find any excuse to squeeze their tuchus' into some of these (formerly see-through) spandex pants. But now, more dudes will be getting in on that yogawear lifestyle! Lululemon is courting a larger male market by creating a whole new array of performance gear that caters to people with penises.

The first foray into this strategy was Lululemon's ABC short, or the "Anti-Ball Crushing" short, which according to the product's description, "gives you and the family jewels room to breath." Hey, I get it, I've worn my fair share of too tight sports bras and spandex. No one wants to find themselves mid-warrior pose only to realize they're being constricted by clothing in all the wrong places.

In fact, I would gladly take a short with an extra bit of wiggle room over some skintight leggings that have me constantly preoccupied with my blatantly obvious VPL while I'm trying to get my om on. And, clearly, other men (and surely, likeminded women) feel the same because this short was so successful for the brand that it's now looking into creating more male-marketed items in cuts that will never suffocate whatever you're working with (not all dudes have penises, you know!).

Whether you're ready to let your junk out of its airless sportswear dungeon or just want a little extra room to perfect your downward dog, Lululemon's latest venture sounds like a win-win no matter your gender.