Why Did Ben Affleck Meet With Congress? Besides To Prove He's A Real-Life Superhero — VIDEO

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Super... wait, nope, it's just Ben Affleck meeting with Congress and acting like a real-life superhero. On Thursday, the Gone Girl actor spoke at a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs in Washington, D.C. on the push for foreign aid in the Congo. For years, the actor and Oscar-winning director has been working with organizations, specifically his Eastern Congo Initiative, and speaking on behalf of those living in East Africa in hopes of making a change in this part of the world that so badly needs it.

During Thursday's speech, Affleck testified and said,

I do work in the Congo. We see that as a microcosm of what this government can be. We can do both. We can do all of these things. We can apply our values to our relatives, to our neighbors be they outside our national borders or be they within. I believe that’s what America is.

While Affleck was there to raise awareness for the Congo, that didn't stop him from talking about his wife, Jennifer Garner, and her great work. Duh, when you're married to the Alias actress how can you not discuss the amazing woman that she is?


Affleck said,

In our family, my wife does extraordinary work with early childhood education in the United States and the Appalachians and West Virginia and Kentucky and the central valley of California is something she cares deeply about. She's extremely effective at it. And we’re all very very proud of her and impressed.

So, maybe they're both real-life superheroes, right? Not only did they star in Daredevil and Elektra as superheroes (plus Affleck is also starring as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel), but the fact that they act, direct, have a family, keep their marriage alive, and help important causes close to their hearts prove Affleck and Garner are one powerful duo. Even though Daredevil wasn't well-received, nor are people thrilled with Affleck taking on Bruce Wayne, you can't deny that Affleck does good work — and not only in Hollywood.

Let's just start calling Ben and Jennifer Mr. and Mrs. Superhero.

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