8 Things Kate Middleton Will Probably Do On Maternity Leave As She Awaits Baby #2

The time has come! The time has come for all of us to impatiently wait for Prince William and Kate Middleton's second baby to be born. The Duchess of Cambridge is going on maternity leave, and made her last public appearance on Friday with her husband by her side. Now, Middleton will remain out of the public eye until the second royal baby arrives. She and Prince William made their rounds at the Stephen Lawrence Centre, where they supported programs and charities benefiting impoverished young people.

So, now that Middleton will remain behind closed doors, what will she be doing? Will she be chilling on the couch? Will she be binge-watching TV shows? Will she be put on bed rest? Seriously, what does one do while waiting to give birth, all while not being seen by the public? Not only does it sound like a lot of work to remain out of the public eye, but it also sounds kind of challenging — especially in finding ways to not be bored!

Seeing as Middleton is due in April (reportedly, mid-to-end of the month), she's going to have to find a lot of ways to keep herself occupied. I have no idea how she's going to do just that, but I can imagine.

With that said, here are a few ways the Duchess might keep herself busy until she is officially a mother of two.

She'll Prepare For The Birth

I'm sure Kate has a million things to do before the arrival of baby number two. Yes, there's no doubt she has help, but I see Kate as a hands-on person, especially when it comes to her children and picking out the right attire for when she, William, George, and their son or daughter make their first appearance.

She'll Officially Hire A Housekeeper

Remember when it was reported that William and Kate were looking for a housekeeper? If she hasn't found one already, you know she'll nip that in the bud before she goes into labor.

She'll Be A Mom To Prince George


Even though she's prepping for her second baby, Kate is still mom to Prince George. Seriously, how adorable are they?

She'll Have Husband/Wife Time With William

She can't forget about her hubby! They better find some alone time now, before they're busy taking care of two kids. You know their time together will include dueling like a witch and a wizard from Harry Potter!

She'll Watch One Tree Hill

Yep, reportedly, William and Kate love One Tree Hill . You know she's going to binge that so hard during maternity leave.

She'll Give Back To Charities

Even though she's on maternity leave, Kate will still find time to do good.

She'll Go Stir Crazy

Who wouldn't? Not only does she probably want that baby out of her, but she also probably wants to leave the house!

She'll Cameo On Downton Abbey

Seeing as Season 6 is Downton Abbey 's last, I can totally see Kate planning an escape route to film a guest spot. Wouldn't you?

There you have it. Eight plausible ways Kate Middleton is spending maternity leave.

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