Kylie Jenner Spills On Her Fave Spot For Lashes

by Lauren Turner

Let's face it: The Kardashian way of makeup can be a little much. Constant contouring and lip plumping isn't always necessary for day-to-day, but when you look at their latest Instagram posts, it just looks so good. It's hard to know what to buy to get their look – especially when your beauty budget is a lot smaller than theirs, but the littlest Kardashian-Jenner just gave away one of her biggest secrets: Kylie Jenner gets her false lashes at CVS. She's just like us!

The youngest Jenner opened up to Grazia about how much she is obsessed with the drugstore and their eyelash selection. "I love CVS because I get all of my lashes from there." And honestly, that's news to every beauty lover's ears! I mean, I practically live at CVS and every time I pass the fake lashes, I wonder about them and whether or not I could pull them off. I no longer have to wonder any longer and will just ask myself WWKJD? Now I know that I can just buy, buy, buy! My only questions is how she applies them so flawlessly, because that's one thing I need some practice. I don't know about you, but I always end up with one that's totally lopsided.

Kylie, spill your eyelash application secrets!