What's Katy Perry's Dream Date?

When it comes to fashion, Katy Perry isn't afraid to push the envelope. Whether bold hair colors or outrageous outfits, she definitely likes to go above-and-beyond. But guess what? That outgoingness doesn't translate into her dating life. During a recent Q&A panel in LA, Katy Perry revealed her ideal date, and let's just say it's not what you'd expect.

In order to impress Katy Perry, it doesn't take skywriters or grand gestures like fireworks spelling out her name in the sky. (Although that'd be pretty clever, given her song title!) Don't bother buying her a tiger either. Instead, she just wants to get to know the guy in a casual setting. Perry explained,

[My] ideal date is really just so simple. I like connections and conversations and jokes... I just like really good food, so dinner and maybe a movie — I love a documentary.

Dinner and a movie, it's as simple as that. Clearly Katy Perry knows what's important when it comes to the foundation of a relationship — getting to know the person, instead of trying to impress them with a flashy setting.

Personally, I can't really picture Riff Raff sitting down and watching National Geographic with Katy. Maybe that's why it didn't work out between them? On the other hand, I could totally see John Mayer having been a big fan of documentaries. That seems right up his alley and could be why they clicked so well.


Perry expanded upon her dream date ideas, saying another good option is an outdoor hike. However, the key would be making sure she doesn't run into paparazzi, because that kind of takes away from the whole relaxing element, doesn't it? Perry said, "[I'd love] to be able to go on a hike and not turn it into a thing."

So there you have it! Anyone trying to win over Katy Perry doesn't need to try so hard. All they have to do is find a good restaurant, good movie, and good jokes. That's really all any of us want, isn't it?

Images: Getty Images