10 Reasons Shoshanna is the Brains of 'Girls,' Because When She Talks A Lot She Makes A Lot Of Sense

Last week, HBO's Girls ended its stellar fourth season with our favorite New York City 20somethings really coming into their own. Hannah (played by creator and exec producer Lena Dunham) turns down another go with Adam and embarks on a relationship with fellow teacher Fran (Jake Lacy), while Marnie (Allison Williams) took the stage on her own when Desi literally didn't show up for her. Most of all, Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) decided to move to Japan for a pretty cool job. Out of all the Girls, I've always had a soft spot for the loquacious but sensible youngest one, because she's really the smartest of them all.

Sometimes wisdom can come from youth — even if maybe she's not quite sure about it. Shosh isn't scared to speak her mind and take advice. She started out as the college-aged virgin on the show, but she's grown into one of the best characters who truly learns from her experiences and isn't afraid to try new things. Like the rest of the Girls, she's had her stumbles and looking for a job has been tough for her in Season 4, but Shoshanna stuck through it despite all the setbacks. Will she runaway from Japan like Hannah did with Iowa? I really doubt it — Shosh is resourceful enough to make it there and make new friends. I also have this feeling she'd love Japan.

Need more reasons? Keep reading and take in the wisdom of Shoshanna Shapiro.

She Can Be Mature About Her Feelings

Not many adults have that ability, but Shoshanna knows how to put her "big girl pants" on and be a grown-up.

She Has Her Priorities Straight

That Mimi-Rose Howard character? So inconsequential. Shoshanna knows what's important in her life and what's not.

She's a Team Player

Shosh is smart enough to know that there's strength in numbers — and that Marnie kinda sucks.

She Knows How To Give A Good Compliment

How could you not be flattered by that?

She Knows How To Get Out Her Frustrations in a Non-Self-Destructive Manner

No booze or drugs for Shosh. She'll take her bad mood out on those clothes, because she knows she can fold them back up later, like it never happened.

She's Not Afraid to Tell It Like She Sees It

Some people suffer for years behind fake smiles and facades, but not Shoshanna. If she doesn't like you, she'll tell you and get the awkwardness out of the way now and not waste time later. Less wasted time = smart.

She Knows Her Value As a Person

Shoshanna does not need your approval. She's got her own thing going on.

She Went to NYU

Perhaps I'm biased here as an NYU alumna myself (go Violets!), but you've gotta be pretty smart to go to one of the top colleges in the country — which is also famous for its amount of red tape. It takes a lot of cleverness to navigate NYU bureaucracy and get that diploma, but Shosh was able to pull it off like a true Violet.

She Knows What It Takes To Be An Independent Woman

You get it, Shoshanna. Now, take it to Japan and flourish in Season 5.

Images: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO; Giphy (9)