Morgan's Return To 'TWD' May Be Coming Up Soon

Since the Season 5 premiere, The Walking Dead has been hinting at the return of Morgan. But the show has lately been distracted with Rick and gang at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, so when will we see Morgan again on The Walking Dead ? He's just been creeping around and gathering clues, but seriously, where is he? Morgan is in the comics, but the show has departed from his comic book counterpart's path. Yet, Morgan has to reunite with Rick because what was the point of showing him if he doesn't? (The Walking Dead comic spoilers follow.)

In the comics, Morgan would have already joined Rick's group and went to the Alexandria Safe-Zone with them. Since the show isn't following that trajectory, I'm interested to see how Morgan will be allowed into Alexandria (assuming he's going to end up there). In "Remember," Deanna had told Rick it had been awhile since they let outside groups into their walled-in community, but she also appointed Rick (and Michonne) as constables. If Rick has a say in who gets to enter Alexandria, then he's going to advocate for Morgan to be able to come in... as long as Morgan proves to be more sane than the last time they encountered one another.

We last saw Morgan in the midseason finale. I had thought that Morgan knew he was trailing Rick's group, but when he discovered the map and note that Abraham left for Rick at Father Gabriel's church, comprehension spread over his face at the words "Rick Grimes."

That map highlighted Abraham and company's route to Washington, D.C. Now, the entire gang has gone through quite a few detours, but they did eventually decide to head that way. And Alexandria is only a few miles away from D.C. So, if Morgan followed the information he gathered from the map, he should be in the vicinity of the Safe-Zone.

The Walking Dead had a time jump in the Season 5 midseason premiere, so the show skipped how exactly Rick and everyone traveled 600 miles. And I can't imagine Morgan traveling solo for that long of a distance would go smoothly (or safely) for him. But The Walking Dead wikia is saying that Morgan will return to the show in the March 15 episode, "Spend."

Now, that could prove not to be true (there is no official statement), and even if Morgan does appear, it doesn't mean he'll be at Alexandria — considering that every other time we've seen Morgan, he has been on his own. But I'm confident that Rick and Morgan will be reunited before Season 5 ends. And I'm excited to see if the show follows the comics when it comes to Morgan's relationship with the others in the group. (I'm quite conflicted about a possible Morgan and Michonne romance, which does happen in the comics.) Let's just hope that both Rick and Morgan are on their best behavior since they could be valuable allies to one another. Of course, that all depends on how long Morgan will stick around.

Images: Greg Nicotero/AMC; earthwater (4), thewalkinggifs (2), a-pathetic-fangirl/Tumblr