Check Out Gigi Hadid's Latest Editorial in Adweek

The meteoric rise to fame continues with Gigi Hadid's Adweek cover! She took over just about every single fashion week there was last month: She walked in several high-profile shows — she opened the show for MaxMara in Milan, walked the ultra-fab, mother-themed runway at Dolce & Gabbana alongside superstar/supermodel Karlie Kloss, and made an appearance the ridiculously star-studded Balmain show. And when she wasn't busy working? She was busy palling around with fellow high-profile fresh face Kendall Jenner, of course. Well, it looks like all of that fashion week momentum is paying off, because Gigi just scored a ridiculously stylish cover and editorial for Adweek. I know, it seems like a bizarre pairing, but it kinda makes sense.

The Adweek in question is all about millenials and social media, of course — so who better to be the face of all that than Ms. Hadid? The accompanying article references her massive fan base (2.5 million Instagram followers as of this morning), and talks of how her social media savvy has affected her career (she recently scored contracts with Victoria's Secret PINK and Maybelline, for starters). The article also namechecks all the other super-famous supermodels, and makes note of their followers: Kendall Jenner takes the cake with over 40 million followers over her multiple accounts (surprisingly, she even beats out big names like Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss). It's an interesting read on the effect of social media on the modern model, and the editorial photos are, of course, quite fab — let's take a look:

More and more these days, it's looking like social media's the barometer for what's hip, and who's A-list — and as Karlie Kloss famously pointed out, it's a great way for models to let their personalities shine through.

Images: Getty Images; Twitter