Everlane & Zulily Will Be FB Messaging You Soon

Can I just lay down some real talk for a sec? Ain’t nobody got time to be dealing with customer service for like half a day. And I feel like Everlane totally gets that customer service needs to be quick and helpful, which is why Everlane is moving their service representatives to Facebook messenger.

Considering Everlane’s great success on their latest pants collection with their outrageously long wait list of 12,000 people, they’re going to need a solid customer service team. But Everlane isn’t alone in their vision to becoming your favorite FB messenger buddy. Zulily will also be using FB Messenger as a customer service tool. Finally, no more waiting on hold and no more headaches over trying to modify your orders. You can contact a service representative just as fast as you can hit up your friends via Facebook Messenger. And the the service rep might even end up replying faster than some of your buddies.

Not only will you be able to chat with a service representative in real time, but they also send you messages that fill you in on the deets of your order confirmation, shipment tracking and any updates. You can even add another order onto a previous order.

Whether or not you're already an Everlane or Zulily fan, one thing's for sure: this takes online shopping to a whole 'nother level, and it's totally...

Image: zulily/Instagram