Out of the News and Into the Library: Book Suggestions for this Week's Headline-Makers

These five people made their way into this week's headlines—and they must be exhausted. No better time to curl up with a good book, right? Here, let us guide their Amazon purchases:

The Gandolfini family: James Gandolfini was a terrific actor and a genuinely kind man whose humor touched many. Your grief must feel insurmountable. Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking explores her experience with grief and loss, and Didion's insight may help you during this time.

Kanye and Kim: May your baby girl's first book be an atlas, so she can attempt to find her way despite her own confusing moniker.

Serena Williams: It's up and down with you! One minute, I love you for your physique and your badassery, the next, you go and say something like, that rape victim "shouldn't have put herself in that position". To you, I recommend The Waves, because I continue to ebb and flow in thinking of you as a role model.

Miley: You seem to have a bit of a fixation. Here, we'll fuel the tongue obsession; you can read all about your favorite animals' tongues.

Representatives in the House who voted to ban abortion after 20 weeks: The first novel that comes to mind is Bleak House, because that description describes the bunch of ya perfectly. Specifically, I picture you all as clones of Skimpole, the ignorant and unpleasant one.