Marion Cotillard Designs "Green" Jewelry

Oscar winner and French actress Marion Cotillard is a stunner. Just see Cottilard's recent Bionic Woman-like Dior ads for proof. But the actress displays grace and class in other ways. Marion Cotillard has designed a line of "green" jewels for Chopard and I'm not talking emeralds — I am talking sustainability! Cotillard designed pieces using ethically sourced and colored gems, a first for the actress, who had not previously designed.

WWD reports Cotillard was the first A-lister to wear jewelry from The Green Carpet Collection at the Cannes Film Festival two years ago. The Green Carpet Collection was part of an initiative launched by Chopard and Eco-Age.

Cotillard will reveal the bracelet and the necklace that she created at this year's Cannes in May. So her experience with the range is coming full circle.

During the process, the star used opal stones which came from an Australian, family-owned mine, according to WWD. It must be so refreshing and such a relief to help create something that is insanely beautiful but that was also fairly and ethically obtained.

"You design while thinking of the people who work on extracting the stones, so it’s a totally different energy," Cotillard told the publication. "Why should the creation of dreams and luxury turn into a nightmare for the people who are providing the raw material?"

That's exactly why this program is so important. You have to think about the people doing the work to make something beautiful. The work cannot be and should not be ugly, even if the end result is luxurious and eye-capturing.

Cotillard is the perfect choice for this initiative for these three reasons.

1. She Was There From The Get Go


As stated, Cotillard wore Green Carpet items two years ago so this is not a new concept for her. It's clearly important and long-term to her.

2. She Has Legit Star Power


Cotillard has the celeb star power and can shine the spotlight on wearing ethically obtained gems in the A-list celeb world. She is a serious Oscar winner who makes careful choices with her film roles, too, so she has earned that inherent professional respect. She is not a Hollywood party starlet by any means.

3. She Is Always One To Watch


Cotillard is always a head-turner on the red carpet, so she has a guaranteed, built-in audience when she is out and an about at events. She and her gowns attract attention and therefore the gems and accessories, and how they were sourced, will too. It's a win-win and another unique take on the whole #AskHerMore campaign idea.

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