The New Lilly For Target Video Is Awesome

What do Nick Young, Bella Thorne, and Chris Noth (yes, Mr. Big) all have in common? They're all in the newest promotional video for the Lilly Pulitzer x Target collection. Yup, the video includes a lot of familiar (and surprising) faces. Now, don't get me wrong; I love a good pool party and bright pink, tropical print as much as the next girl, but Sex and the City's main love interest and Lilly Pulitzer somehow don't really mesh in my mind.

Granted, the video itself is about as fun as it gets and it only adds to the excitement over the 250-piece collection, which launches April 19th (that day can't come soon enough, IMO). And the insane levels of anticipation for Lilly Pulitzer for Target continue to grow.

So, about this video. Yes, Mr. Big was there along with Nick Young (who happens to be Iggy Azalea's boyfriend, by the way), just casually hanging out, proving that hey, Lilly Pulitzer isn't just for preppy sorority girls. Lilly is for everyone. And why shouldn't we all get to revel in palms and polished silhouettes? The more print, the better. From Chris Noth to real-life giraffes (yes, giraffes, guys), here are five super surprising and awesome things about this new sneak peek of Target's buzzed-about collab.

Really, though, is it April 19 yet?

1. Chris Noth Is There

Obviously this has to be first. Yes, he's cool. Yes, I love Sex and the City. But can someone explain to me how he ended up here? Please?

2. Coolest. Party. Ever.

Ok, NOW I know why Chris Noth was there; it's because literally EVERYONE was at the party. Except me. I'm a little bitter, I'll be honest.

3. Wait, There Was A Real FLAMINGO?!



Still not as random as Chris Noth, but a close second.

5. OK, But How Cute Is Bella Thorne?

Hair. Makeup. Outfits. All so very adorable.

Check out the promo clip below: