Rihanna's “Bitch Better Have My Money” Remix Blows The Original Out Of The Water — LISTEN

I've been a die-hard Navy member for years now, so it pains me to say this, but I need to speak my truth: I think Rihanna's new single, "Bitch Better Have My Money," is a disaster. Believe me, I wanted to love it, but it's just so... bad. It's grating. It's tuneless! It's arguably the worst single the 27-year-old global superstar has ever released. Fortunately, music website Popjustice posted a "Bitch Better Have My Money" remix on Tuesday that has me seeing the song in a whole new light. In fact, I think I might actually like it now!

You know what they say: When Rihanna gives you lemons, make a dance remix (or something like that).

As Popjustice points out, this new Handbag House vs. Kat Krazy bootleg mix of "Bitch Better Have My Money" is a little ridiculous — but I think that's what makes it work. The original version of the track takes itself way too seriously. For the first time in her career (that I can remember, anyway), Rihanna sounds like she's trying too hard. That's not the Rih I've come to know and love.

The rework gives "Bitch Better Have My Money" a much-needed blast of energy and fun that really turns things around. It gives you the sense that Rihanna is "in on the joke," so to speak. She knows how pompous the song's lyrics are, yes, but she's just goofing around and having a good time, so it's OK. For me, this makes the track a lot more enjoyable to listen to. Check out the remix below.

Would this up-tempo take on "Bitch Better Have My Money" work on top 40 radio? No, probably not — but it still blows the original out of the water!