7 Differences Between Guys On Tinder Vs. OkCupid

by Leah Wynalek

If you’re a single 20-something, you’ve probably tiptoed into the weird world of online dating ... and not on a paid site like I’m talking Tinder and OkCupid. Whether you try one or more of these apps, you quickly learn that free dating sites are full of grammar-butchering creeps — with a few hidden gems (like you, duh). If you go on enough online dates, you realize that there are some key differences between Tinder and OkCupid — and the type of people you'll meet. Because I’ve been on my fair share of Tinder and OkCupid adventures lately, I’m going to impart my wisdom to you and point out just what these differences are.

First off, a couple disclaimers. I live in Milwaukee, and there is a very strange and specific dating pool here: Green Bay Packer-loving bros and super grungy hipsters. When I visit Chicago on weekends, the number of normal Tinder users in my radius multiplies. But somewhere in between these extremes, there are some great guys looking for relationships on dating sites. I met a long-term ex-boyfriend on OkCupid and have even made friends from some fun but chemistry-free dates. That said, as you begrudgingly give up your weeknights on the couch and venture out on dates with Internet dudes, you might also notice these clear differences between guys on Tinder and guys on OkCupid:

1. Tinder guys... match with you but don't message

OkCupid guys ... message multiple times, even when you don’t respond

2. Tinder guys ... post lots of shirtless selfies

OkCupid guys... post lots of clothed selfies in front of webcams

3. Tinder guys... like fishing and riding motorcycles

OkCupid guys... like hiking and watching Netflix

4. Tinder guys... kiss you on the first date and try to take you home

OkCupid guys... give you an awkward hug on the first date (and second and third)

5. Tinder guys... are more likely to be touring musicians you'll never see again

OkCupid guys... are more likely to be computer nerds who actually live next door

6. Tinder guys... want to meet up for drinks in the evening

OkCupid guys... want to meet up for coffee in the afternoon

7. Tinder guys... aren't looking for anything serious

OkCupid guys... take things WAY too seriously

You've been warned — now get out there and find your online dream date!

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