Schmidt's Mom Almost Divulged A Huge Secret

I'm sure most of you are still riding that very exciting high regarding the New Girl Season 5 renewal, however, that wasn't the only amazing thing that happened to these loftmates this week. Tuesday night's New Girl episode "The Right Thing" introduced Schmidt's mom into the fold, played by the always hilarious Nora Dunn. And boy-oh-boy did she prove to be a welcome addition to the ensemble, not just because her mannerisms were just so very Schmidt-like, but also due to the fact that she almost divulged a very big mystery we've all been wondering about for quite some time now: uncovering Schmidt's actual first name.

You see, Nick and Schmidt wanted to become part owners of their go-to bar, but in order to pay for their share ($20 thousand to be exact), Schmidt needed to finally get his bar mitzvah money from his mother. And being the fair, kind woman that she is, she happily agreed to do so… but there was a catch. If he wanted the money, he had to complete his thank you cards, which evidently had not been done yet, many, many years later. And given the impressive amount one apparently receives for a bar mitzvah, I'd say this was a more than fair request. Cut to her inevitable review of said cards where she reprimanded him for not signing them with his first name, which is…???

But alas, just when she was about to say it out loud, Schmidt made sure to strategically interrupt and talk right over her, thus leaving us once again completely in the lurch. Granted, this little piece of intel isn't exactly a pivotal plot device or anything, but it's something I've personally been dying to know ever since the first season. I mean, what could it possibly be? Schmidt's mom referred to his name as being "beautiful," but that's all we have to go on. Though based on how adamant Schmidt was against her even saying it, you know it's gotta be something pretty embarrassing. (Is it Muriel?!?!)

I can only hope that perhaps this is a clear indicator that the writers have every intention of telling us eventually. Schmidt's mom has just brought us one step closer. (Hey, at least it's being brought up in conversation now.) And who knows, maybe her next visit will help to shed even more light on the situation and get us to the bottom of this once and for all. Until that glorious day comes, though, let the speculation continue!

Images: Ray Mickshaw/FOX