'Arrow' Olicity Spoilers From Felicity's Mom Have Us Worried About The Return Of Donna Smoak

Brace yourselves Oliver/Felicity fans. On Wednesday night, Donna Smoak returns to Arrow and she could be very bad news for anyone hoping Felicity would dump Ray and finally get with Oliver — so most people who watch the show. While we've been on this love triangle roller coaster for a little while now, we haven't really had anyone besides Oliver weigh in on Felicity's love life. That looks like it's about to change in the new episode "Public Enemies." In an interview with TV Line Charlotte Ross (who plays mama Smoak) had a lot to say about Olicity on Arrow Season 3, and Felicity's love life in general. Let's start with a look at her thoughts on Felicity's relationship with Ray Palmer.

Well as you recall, in my first episode I really just wanted her to get into a relationship. And then of course, I was hoping it would be somebody who was good looking and had money — things that are important to Donna! So obviously when I come back, you can guess how happy I am that she has a lot going on in that department.

Felicity obviously loves and cares about her mom, and they will clearly be having some sort of conversation about the men in her life. With Ray being the leader of a powerful company and having a lot of money — not to mention bananas good looks — it seems like a slam dunk that Donna would be on-board and encouraging of that romance. I mean, just look at that face.

If true, it sounds like she will be strongly encouraging her to move fast with Ray. Donna doesn't strike me as someone who minces words. Here's what Ross had to say about the Oliver complication.

Donna, being as “subtle” as she is, definitely wedges her way in a bit to get to the bottom of where her daughter stands emotionally. And Donna has some strong opinions on what she should do about it.

I'm sure this won't be the last we see of the Felicity/Oliver/Ray triangle, but I am very interested to see how Donna's opinions impact it. If she is Team Ray, that could push their relationship to the next level. Then again, is Donna being Team Ray cancelled out by Diggle being Team Oliver? I don't know, but I do think Arrow fans should get shirts made.

Images: Diyah Pera/The CW