What Your Favorite 'Real Housewives Of New York' Star Says About You Because You're Either A Ramona Or A Bethenny, Not Both

The best city of the entire Real Housewives franchise is back, and this time, Real Housewives of New York is bringing back Bethenny Frankel, an OG of the New York franchise. RHONY never fails to deliver in over-the-top drama (lest we forget Aviva's leg toss at the end of Season 6), as do most cities, but New York always proves to be more fast-paced, and often completely unexpected with ridiculous drama that middle-aged women should not be instigating. But that's why we watch, and that's why we love them!

Well, maybe you love one housewife more than the other housewives. Maybe you've switched as you've watched over the past six seasons, because some of the women have left the show, when others joined. You've adapted, but deep down, there's a favorite housewife that you're pulling for. Over the course of the seven years the show has been on, a lot of drama has occurred. There have been weddings, divorces, cheating scandals, million dollar business deals, leg-scandals, financial issues, and of course, Turtle Time. Identifying with these peaks and valleys — especially all of you who have sold your liquor brand for a reported $100 million — has allowed fans of RHONY to really form connections (through the TV) with the women. So what does your favorite Real Housewives of New York star say about you?

Consider this your astrological guide to Real Housewives of New York. Below is a list of every woman who has appeared on the series and what it means if she is your favorite housewife.

Ramona Singer

If Ramona is your favorite housewife, you are very passionate about defending what you believe in, even if you are clearly in the wrong. You might be stubborn at times, but that just shows your commitment to your beliefs and those you care about. You also like to have a good time, you know, get down and dance. You might or might not love Turtle Time, and you definitely bring your own Pinot Grigio with you to parties.

LuAnn de Lesseps

If LuAnn is your favorite housewife, you most certainly share a love of all things elegance. You might have even dubbed yourself some type of royal title for your friends to call you by (or maybe Siri just calls you Princess). Even though you are elegant and classy, you also love to gossip, but ain't nothing wrong with that Princess, because you still know how to maintain the voice of reason persona in all of the drama going around you.

Bethenny Frankel

If Bethenny is your gal, you and me should go get a SkinnyGirl marg. You are probably very out-spoken, and never shy to hide your feelings. You're savvy and know how to earn a buck, which props to you because you could have a very big payday coming your way (let's hope?). You also have a sharp tongue, and know exactly how to respond to people that you don't care for.

Sonja Morgan

If Sonja is your favorite housewife, you probably share the same carefree, IDGAF attitude as Ms. Morgan. You love to have a good time, love to entertain, and be the life of the party. Maybe you love the glitz and the glam, but unlike Sonja, you know how to #HumbleBrag about your fabulous life. You can't live without your toaster oven.

Carole Radziwill

You are creative, and might have a career that allows you to speak your mind. Your wit is something people admire about you, because how do you think to say some of the things you say! You're proud of your accomplishments, whether that be your career, your love life, or your body. And girl, you should be!

Heather Thomson

If you gravitate towards Heather, then congratulations, you're the HBIC. You've got Heather's drive when it comes to career, leadership, and love for those close to you. You're very set in your ways, but your ways are almost always right, so who cares? Holla!

Kristen Taekman

If you find Kristen is your favorite housewife, you definitely know how to make fun of yourself. But that doesn't mean you're a crazy goofball, because chances are you take other people's actions against you very seriously. If you love drama, you're not afraid to dive head first into it. Just watch out for Ramona's cup, because it will draw blood.

Dorinda Medley

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If your favorite housewife is Season 7's newest housewife, then you really hate the other 12 women, because we don't even know that much about her! But, from the previews I can tell you that if Dorinda is your gal, you say what you want to say, and throw in a few curse words just for fun. You work hard, and love your family (and your pet, because your pet is just as much a member of the family than a sister, or daughter).

Jill Zarin

If you can't stop thinking about how much you loved Jill on RHONY, you're not alone. She wore an entire suede outfit to a construction site, after all! You probably love to talk — preach — and although some of the things you do or say might be misconstrued, you always have a good intention in mind. But for now, don't fly to a remote location on a private plane to surprise anyone you might be feuding with. It will backfire. (Side note: I really wish Bethenny's return would have meant Jill's return but alas, here we are.)

Alex McCord

If Alex McCord was your favorite housewife, then OK. You can't wait to name your child something fancy, like Chartreuse or Escargot. You like running in a high-status circle, and there is nothing wrong with that, just try not to force it. Perhaps you get overwhelmed in high drama situations, but that's only because in your perfect world, everyone would be nice to everyone.

Kelly Bensimon

If Kelly is your favorite housewife, then you are a very confident person. You are passionate about your career — you love the glamour it brings — but you are also willing to do anything for your family, which people truly admire. If you find yourself being attacked often, it's probably because people just don't understand your personality... but guess what, they don't matter! You be you, girl! (Just as long as you don't run in traffic in New York City. No one should do that.)

Aviva Drescher

If you love Aviva, then you are not a fake person, and you never shy away from ruffling a few feathers. Your actions might err on the side of dramatic (ahem, see above) but it's just so you can prove to the haters that their comments don't upset you. You always stand up for yourself, always, and refuse to bow down to those that think they're better than anyone else.

Cindy Barshop

Don't worry, I didn't forget about you, Cindy. If your favorite housewife on the RHONY is Cindy, then you probably only watched Season 4, but no judgement. You're a total boss, and it's pretty awesome how independent and self-sufficient you are. Whether you're starting your own business, taking care of your family solo, or just calling out the phonies, you know you've got it figured out, and you figured it out all by yourself.

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