This Disney Flash Mob Proposal Will Emotionally Wreck You And Make You Forget How Tired Of Flash Mob Proposals You Are — VIDEO

No, no, I'm fine, I just have literally all of the magic of Disney and love stuck in my eye. Guys, I know you've seen so many wedding proposals that you probably cannot believe the audacity of the internet for inflicting one more on you—especially one involving a flash mob because seriously, who can even anymore?—but trust me when I say you need to see this one. Gavin Hootch was walking down the Disney Boardwalk Resort with a friend, completely and adorably unsuspecting, when his boyfriend Patrick Santos popped the question in a Disney-themed proposal that is basically all the proof we need that fairy tales really exist.

I'm going to need all of us to reign in our hearts so they don't fall right out of us, because this proposal is so precious that it will gut you right in the feels. Gavin elaborately planned every detail, starting with little letters that he left with people who came up to meet Patrick on the boardwalk, slowly leading him in the direction of where the real show was about to begin. When he reached a small dock that spanned out over the water, it seemed like nothing special was happening—until the music began and all of the supposed bystanders came to life with a flash mob dance that will make you forget the cuteness of any other flash mob dance you've seen before.

Here is Patrick, receiving the first of a series of letters reflecting on the last three years of their relationship together:

By the time they reached the board walk, Patrick totally knew what was going on, and started to lose it in the most precious way.

When they reached the dock, it looked like there were just a bunch of people standing around—until Katy Perry's "Unconditionally" started to play, that is.

The dancers then proceeded to rock out not only to the Katy Perry hit, but then to the new song "Aeon," which has become iconic after being featured in the trailers for the recent live-action Cinderella movie.

Just when the song reached its peak dramatic swell, the dancers all parted ways, opening the dance floor to reveal Patrick.

I feel irresponsible for GIF-ing this because it's going to make people spontaneously burst into tears in public, but HERE IT IS ANYWAY, folks. Patrick got down on one knee, and after Gavin said yes, they shared the kind of kiss that pretty much put every romantic Disney scene to shame.

HAHAHA remember when we all had emotions? Because all of mine are gone now. Gone. I used them all up. But maybe I better watch the whole thing again just to make sure:

Gavin&Patrick on YouTube

Nope, just kidding, I'm still a wreck. Congratulations, Patrick and Gavin. Now go forth and have the Disney-themed wedding that I always dreamed of crashing.

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