'Neighbors' Is All About Genitalia Jokes

We wrote a few months back about the first trailer for the Seth Rogen/Zac Efron-starring broflick Neighbors and its use of male genitalia for humor. That aforementioned trailer, though, was the Red Band one — AKA the one where all bets are off and profanity is welcome. But now there's a vaguely less R-rated trailer — and surprise! It's got just as many genitalia jokes!

The last trailer for the movie came out pretty much directly before the once-surprising news of Efron's rehab stint broke, but we find ourselves just as amused by the theatrics this time around — Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are still hilariously harried, and Efron's Robert De Niro impression holds strong.

We'd be interested to maybe see some new footage from this movie — which this new trailer sadly lacks — and as a side note we find ourselves surprised by how little they actually ended up cutting in the process of making this trailer a more "milder green band" after the red band.

Basically: There's still a lot of profanity, a baby still chews on a condom, Efron's character still makes extensive comments about balls to Seth Rogen, and we are still at least mildly excited to see this movie for ourselves.