9 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time To Take That Vacation You 100 Percent Deserve

Oh hello, spring. Nice of you to show up, you tardy jerk. Was this the worst winter in history? It certainly felt that way. But spring has sprung, and it's finally nice enough to go outside. You don't need to shovel any snow or start your car just to make sure it isn't a frozen, broken lump of tin. What to do with your newfound freedom? Take a spring vacation! I know, I KNOW. Spring break just ended, summer is coming, and things are just starting to look up in life. Why would you use up your vacation days right now? This seems like the time of year when everyone is going through their daily routines with a countdown clock to Memorial Day. Shouldn't you just wait it out?

For the most part, spring is a pretty wonderful time of year. The mud isn't so much fun, and the fresh spring air seems to be replaced with thick summer humidity after only a few weeks. But RIGHT NOW it is full-on spring, and you need to get out there and enjoy it while you can. That's why you need to pack your bags and hit the road. It doesn't matter where you go or for how long, just go somewhere. Here are all the reasons spring is the best time to take a vacation.

1. Because winter lasted a lifetime

Ugh. You still have nightmares about the consecutive snow days that were zero percent fun (unlike when you were a kid), and more centered around frozen pipes and apocalyptic settings.

2. Because you're probably getting a tax refund

Sure, you could be responsible and save any money you get back. But you know what? The government has been holding onto your cash long enough. It's time to do something AWESOME, just for you.

3. Because the spring breakers are back at school

Spring break isn't truly a spring tradition. For most high schoolers and college kids, this takes place at the tail end of winter. So right now, most of the drunken party kids are in class still nursing their spring break hangovers, and not peeing in the tropical hotel pool. The party scenes are now pristine and quiet. And that's how you like to get down.

4. Because you need a break at work

It's tax season, so people are stressed. It's spring, so people are happy. It's not yet summer, so people are anxious. So it's a weird time for emotions with your coworkers. People are working hard to reach their summer vacays, and people are tired, including you. Just get away from it all, ASAP.

5. Because this is THE PRETTIEST season of the year

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, the cool animals have completed their hibernation, and disgusting bugs are starting to hatch. This is what makes nature so gorgeous, and it's at its prettiest during spring.

6. Because summer vacations are too crowded

Overbooked planes and hotels, trying to nab an open beach chair before someone else does, lines at bars... who needs it? Humans are still trying to emerge from their own version of hibernation, so vacation destinations are relatively bare. That's just more room for you to awkwardly (and adorably) shake it off.

7. Because right now is the perfect temperature

A light jacket, a brightly-colored dress, a t-shirt and jeans... This. Is. Heaven.

8. Because "travel more" is one of your NYE resolutions

You said you wanted to do more, so why wait?

9. Because you can

You are an adult, you probably have PTO at work, you pay all of your bills, and you're a stellar creature who deserves some relaxation. Take what you deserve.

Image: Fotolia; Giphy (9)