Everyone Thinks This Little Girl Criticizing Her Dad's Crush On Kim Kardashian Is Adorable, But I'm Not Really Into Her Slut-Shaming — VIDEO

A video that's been making the viral rounds over the last few days shows a young girl criticizing her father for saying Kim Kardashian is his “celebrity crush”. She is not shy about laying the verbal smack down on her apologetic pops. Clearly, this dad is not the first person to have an infatuation with the reality star, but is daughter is simply not having it. In an epic rant, she explains,

The only reason she's famous is because of her plastic surgery. And excuse me, but every single photo shoot you go to, you don't got clothes on. Why are you famous for that? I dunno. Okay? Maybe when you die you wear diapers, but seriously, when you have a life on this world and earth, I don't think you should be showing your parts to people because that is just personal, okay? If Barack Obama knows who you are, which I'm pretty sure he does, he should make you illegal. Because it is not legal to show yourself off to people, okay, around the world. Thank you.

I think most of us can agree that this girl is really funny: her confidence, her over-the-top facial expressions, and her take-no-prisoners attitude are hilariously unexpected in such a young person. I mean, just look at this face:


However, I have to say I’m not thrilled about the core of her message. What bugs me is not that she doesn’t like Kim Kardiashian; Kim K is a polarizing figure, if there ever was one, and there are plenty of people out there who aren’t fans. The problem is that her rant is focused entirely on Kardashian’s history of displaying her body in racy ways, something this girl declares should be “illegal.” Although I’m glad that she understands that women shouldn’t have to rely on nudity to get ahead in life, I wish she could convey her point of view without shaming other people for the decisions they make about their bodies – because, love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian has the right to display her body when, how, and to whom she chooses. As do we all.

All of that said, this girl is really young, and is still learning about how to relate to others and express herself. Let’s hope that her confidence and sense of conviction – which are awesome – gain subtly as she gets older.

Image: Getty Images; YouTube