How To Nail The Glossy Eyelids Look This Spring

If you're anything like me, then you're always looking for a new and uber easy makeup trend that you can rock in the upcoming sunnier seasons. Well here's one that won't disappoint: this glossy eyelids look. It's the kind of thing that if you don't look close enough, you might just miss – which is part of the reason it makes it so cool. The other part being the fact that you basically only need one product.

First thing's first: there are a few variations to this look. The first is the Beyonce version, which is the subtle, clear glossy look. It's great for summer days when it's just too hot to put on any actual makeup, but you don't want to leave the house completely bare. The second style is the Rihanna version, which can be seen in her "FourFiveSeconds" video. This version involves a little more makeup involving a swipe of a shimmer mixed with the glossy clear.

When I first heard about this trend, I thought I could easily replicate it with a little bit of petroleum jelly. But after learning about how yucky that stuff is, I figured I needed to find a new method. Here are few ways to complete the glossy eyelids look, the right way.

The Beyonce Way: Straight Glossy

For this look, you want to use a product that can give you the shine without the icky residue. A gloss product (like MAC's Cinderella Studio Eye Gloss) will give you the soft look, plus you can always dab a bit on your lips, too. I recommend keeping the contouring to minimum for a look like this, and reaching for a touch of blush and highlighter instead. The point of this look is to be natural and slightly sweet – just like Beyonce.

The Rihanna Way: Shimmered Mix

In the same way the first look takes a nod from Bey, the second look is all Rihanna. Add a little neutral shimmer to the gloss for a remix that's totally ready for a night out or use a product like Paul & Joe's Eye Gloss Duo. Consider skipping the mascara so that the focus is totally on your eyelids. Just a word to the wise: don't have too many margs that you forget you're wearing eyelid gloss because as soon as you wipe your eyes, the look will be totally gone.

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