If The 'Full House' Spinoff Happens, It Should Totally Include These Plots For The Tanner Family — UPDATE

UPDATE: On April 20, John Stamos announced that Fuller House had received a 13 episode order from Netflix. It's actually happening, you guys. There's still no word on whether the entire original cast will get back together for the season premiere, but the series proper will follow DJ, Kimmy, and Stephanie after the three women move in together to care for all their children together.

As I'm sure you've heard by now (unless you've been living under a rock without WiFi, in which case I ask: how?), Full House may be getting its very own Netflix spinoff titled Fuller House. Nothing's official quite yet (Netflix and Warner Brothers have yet to comment on the rumors0, but that doesn't mean I — as a diehard Full House fan for life — haven't started daydreaming about what a 2015 version of the late '80s/early '90s sitcom could possibly bring to all of our lives.

Think about it: Plenty could have happened in the 20 years since we've last seen the group, and, in a perfect world, as much would have changed as would have stayed the same in the Tanner family's lives. The kids aren't kids anymore, the adults are — well, much older adults. And, unless Danny owned that house, rising rent prices probably would have either pushed them to a cheaper San Francisco neighborhood (or dare I say, Oakland?) or they'd all still be living together to chip in and pay for the place. Hence, you know, the whole "full house" thing, I suppose.

It's strange to think about what your favorite fictional characters could be up to these days — especially if you were a kid while watching the original show. While it's been rumored that the show reboot would feature mostly just DJ and Kimmy as roommates, this might not be the case — after all, we don't know if the show is actually going to happen — and even if it is, it's also been said that other characters would return for appearances so fans could get a glimpse of what they've been up to since Full House ended.

Which leads us to the burning question: what should the Tanner/Katsopolis/Gladstone families be up to now, in this alleged spinoff? I've got some ideas:

Danny Tanner performs at open mic nights every week

Danny always had a love of music, even if the music didn't always love him back. Once Michelle was done with high school, Danny felt a bit lonely and unsure of what to do with the time he had once dedicated to raising his daughters. So, after receiving encouragement from Jesse, he decided to sign up for an open mic night at a local bar... and he's performed there every Tuesday night since.

Michelle is married to her childhood buddy Teddy

Michelle and Teddy had a tumultuous toddler relationship, sure, but things evened out a bit as they got older — and even when they grew apart somewhere between 7th and 8th grade, they always kept in touch at least a bit. However, when they were seniors in high school, Teddy invited Michelle to prom, Michelle said yes, and the rest as they say is history. The duo became high school sweethearts, and got married a year after Teddy proposed on Michelle's 25th birthday.

Stephanie is an office manager and two of her employees are the Jennifers

Sure, Stephanie thought the Jennifers were super cool for a while and even pierced her own ears for them, but times have definitely changed since then. After completing college, Stephanie worked her way up the ladder and is now a high-powered administrative executive — and what do you know, the Jennifers are both her employees. No. Way. (Yes way!) Looks like Stephanie gets to set the trends now... at least in the office.

Uncle Jesse does yearly stints as a professional Elvis impersonator in Las Begas

Sure, Uncle Jesse had a great music career on his own — he even got to play with the Beach Boys! — but we all know Elvis truly had his heart. After seeing one of his home Elvis impersonation videos Michelle posted on YouTube against his will, Jesse was contacted by a Las Vegas-area executive who offered to pay him really well to perform as Elvis during a 3-month residency at Planet Hollywood. He's been back every year since.

Joey and Mr. Woodchuck are the stars of a successful children's TV, book, movie and video game empire

Joey thought his ship came in with Ranger Joe, but after the series folded, Joey became discouraged and nearly gave up his beloved woodchuck and passion for puppetry. Thankfully, someone from the network remembered his name years later and decided to revive the series, which became so popular that it also spawned books, movies, video game and other merchandise.

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