Kylie And Kim Are Interchangeable Human Beings

In the next few years, Kylie Jenner will assume her rightful position as style icon and leader of the Kardashian pack, and we will all nod knowingly after it has come to pass. In the meantime, Kylie and Kim K have worn the same chambray skirt to let us know that they’ve begun their metamorphosis into a single symbiotic entity that will one day take over the world.

It wouldn’t be the first time one has stolen a page from the look book of her half-sister. Kim Kardashian takes style cues from Kylie Jenner all the time, and Kylie Jenner in turn takes style cues from Kim Kardashian. One is the other. Time is a flat circle.

A couple months back, Bustle’s Amy Sciarretto wrote a piece on how the two are essentially interchangeable (and yes, one has a baby, however please refer to the last sentence in the paragraph above). “There have been times where Kylie’s resemblance to Kim has been uncanny and almost unsettling. Yes, they are related, so, duh, they’re bound to look alike,” she writes. “Still, even at times when Kylie is basically a mini Kim, she always retains her signature Kylie-ness.” The nuance, however, is becoming increasingly less so. The chambray skirt in question:

Please take note of the details in both the skirt pattern and the pocket seaming on the shirt. These are two different outfits, and yet they are the same. Much like the sisters. Behold:

Hype Magazine Shoot Meets Kylie Jenner's Style

The hashtag #KylieSwag was thrown around casually in Kim's feed.

Same Keyhole Bikini

What witchcraft was used to make this suit fit them both? Sisterhood of the traveling bikini.

White Crop/Black Skirt

Same Red Carpet Sensibilities

Same Penchant For Overcoat/Crop Top Ensembles

Ability To Wear White Body-con

They share this quality with no one ever.

Same Affinity For Semi-sheer Clothing

The Same Damn Coat

Feel free to draw your own conclusions.