Jamie Saves Claire From Randall In The 'Outlander' Premiere But It's Their Relationship That Might Need Saving

If you've ever wondered what Jamie's thinking about during Outlander, wonder no more. Switching up the usual format of Claire's voice over, now Jamie's in charge of narrating the Outlander mid-season premiere. The action picks up just before last the mid-season finale, with Jamie learning that Claire's been taken by the red coats and he immediately springs into action. Does his daring rescue mission involve repelling down down the side of the fortress on a rope that might not hold over a roaring sea? Sure does. But in the end — like there was any doubt in our minds — Jamie rescues Claire from Black Jack. However, these two aren't exactly blissful lovebirds anymore.

In what is the least dashing moment Jamie's had to date, he blames Claire for being kidnapped (and almost raped) by Randall. Jamie, are you for real? She's quick to remind him that if she had been allowed to go with him, she probably wouldn't have been kidnapped in the first place. This is their first BIG FIGHT. Lots of name calling, lots of yelling, some swearing — it's hard and sad to watch, especially since Claire is so independent, and that still kinda scares Jamie. But that's also what you get when you marry a time traveling lady.

That's not the only obstacle thrown their way. There's also the intense spanking scene that makes me feel lots of ways (none of the particularly good) and if that's still not enough, Laogharie basically throws herself at Jamie. While he's skipping rocks, being all broody and stuff, she wanders along all seductively. She's holding her cloak in just the right way, that you know she's totally naked underneath there. Turns out she's not 100 perfect naked, and more like 80 percent naked, but for this day and age, she might as well be 150 percent naked. She's mad that Jamie's married, even though she was waiting for him — and now she's going to try and seduce.

Jamie's committed to Claire, though. He blocks Laogharie's advances, and she scurries away. Returning back to Claire, Jamie declares his love for her, and then the two engaged in sex next to the fireplace, and I just want to be like, you guys need to worry about first degree burns. It's during this time that Claire happens to find an "ill wish" tucked under their bed, and according to Jamie, this is a hand-made bad omen. Who put it there? Laogharie, of course.

Guess this Highland honeymoon is over.

Image: Starz