Refresh Your 'PLL' Brain for The Halloween Episode

by Kristie Rohwedder

Tonight is the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special. What a glorious, albeit brief, reprieve from the show's current hiatus it shall be! The backdrop of the Halloween episode will be a Ravenswood cemetery party. The name of the party is "The Ravenswood Night to Remember." Kind of an aggressive theme, you weird town. The Liars will wear costumes and look fantastic and probably cause a ton of irrevocable damage. That's just how the Liars roll. Last Halloween, the Liars took a trip on the Ghost Train. Adam Lambert was there. Garrett Reynolds wound up dead in a crate. Aria was drugged. Ashley Marin kicked it at home with a ghost child. It's one of my top five favorite PLL episodes. So, no pressure, tonight's Halloween special.

Any fan of the program will tell you that the series is jam-packed with details. Attempting to remember a particular character's arc or a specific storyline is exhausting. Don't bother mentioning a detail from season two. I won't have any idea what you're talking about. I had to make room in my memory for seasons three and four. Fortunately, I still have a firm grasp on what happened during the most recent summer finale. To prepare for tonight's episode, here are some quick notes to get you up to speed:

  • Ravenswood isn't just a spinoff. It's a place. A terrifying place. The Liars made the trek out to Ravenswood a few times during the first half of season four, and it felt like an alternate dimension. The people of Ravenswood regularly congregate like zombies in the town square. One of those events was Charlemagne's act. He was a nightmare of a magician. Ravenswood is infinitely creepier than Rosewood. I don't know how that is possible.
  • Toby found a very alive Mona hiding out at an inn. Toby also saw Shanna deliver some paperwork to Mona. AND Toby found out that Wren is in London with Melissa! I have zero educated guesses as to what any of that means for the Liars.
  • Hanna's mom was let off of the hook for the Detective Wilden murder, and CeCe Drake is the new suspect.
  • The Liars duked it out with TWO RED COATS AT THE SAME TIME. One was CeCe "TRESemme" Drake. CeCe appeared dead for a split second, but then she disappeared. Dammit, CeCe! Where'd you go? Spencer thought the other Red Coat was ALISON.
  • Spencer followed Red Coat/Maybe Alison to another "A" lair. Said lair was in Ravenswood. The Liars investigated the lair and found a closet full of men's jackets and paperwork showing that "A" started its own corporation. CeCe was a paid "A" employee. "A" constructed several elaborate timelines for all of the major players in the show, including Alison.
  • One of the Ravenswood inhabitants is The Grunwald. She is an older lady with mesmerizing eyes. She more or less told the Liars she's a medium of sorts. But The Long Island Medium's irises don't look like they were cooked up in a cauldron. What's your deal, Grunwald? Explain your translucent eyeballs.
  • The Grunwald had a vision or whatever the night Alison went missing. The Grunwald then went to Alison's house, and found her buried alive. The Grunwald rescued Alison, drove her to the hospital, and then promptly lost Alison. The Grunwald said Alison will stay in hiding until she knows who is on her side.
  • The Grunwald told the Liars to stop chasing after Alison because someone is watching them, but the Liars did what the Liars do best: disobeyed that warning! They're going to go to a party held in a graveyard in the most terrifying town in the world whether The Grunwald likes it or not.
  • Caleb boarded a bus to Ravenswood. Surely, his intention was to meet up with Hanna and the Liars and then return to Rosewood, but we already have an inkling as to how that'll play out.
  • "A" turned around and it was Ezra!… maybe. We saw him in the Ravenswood lair. There are men's coats in the Ravenswood lair. He was pissed off when he realized someone had infiltrated the lair. He's a gross, terrible pervert, so I wouldn't be shocked if he really was behind all of "A's" evil mayhem. Everything checks out. But all of this is speculation. Ezra as "A" has neither been confirmed nor denied.

Alright, now I'm feeling READY to party with The Grunwald, Red Coat, "A", and the Liars. Let's hit up Ravenswood Cemetery!

Images: ABC Family