My New Favorite Way To Do Kylie Jenner-esque Lips

Aside from that extra dose of confidence wearing a red lippy gives me, what I'm really looking for in a lipstick is mega moisturization, like that of a balm, with the major color payoff. Bite Beauty's Hand-Cut Butter Cream Lipstick collection is my latest makeup obsession, for exactly that reason.

The eight shade range is a mix of milky, works-with-most-skin-tones nudes and neutrals, with plenty of rosy and soft tones. Pretty doesn't even begin to touch on what these shades are. If it's a Kylie Jenner lip you seek, you shall find it with these Butter Creams. The flat-top design means they work well with liner and are best applied with a brush, which helps with precision lining — or over-lining, if that's your thing.

So why are they hand-cut and why does that matter? After the lipstick is rolled up into its little tube, the hand-cutting opens up the inner core of moisture. This creates an ultra-creamy texture, but without all the mess of a gloss.

Now, don't let the flat top doesn't stop you from applying directly to your pucker if you're in a time crunch, but it is easier and you get more control with a brush. It will take a second to get used to it, since the normal shape of a lipstick is the familiar angled bullet.

The protective wax, which comes into play during production of a lipstick, is chopped off so the creamy core can be revealed. Just like inner beauty, this creamy center should not be kept a secret from anyone!

You pull off the little stamped tab that reminds you this bad boy was hand-cut and therefore hand-crafted with L-O-V-E and then apply as you wish.

Hazelnut (pictured above) is my current favorite, since it is rosy and soft and goes with my pale skin and dark hair. The Butter Creams are matte and color dense, so you get the benefit of glam without having to wear too many products, which is always aces in my book.

There's me, outside, rocking Hazelnut, which is rosy on me.

This is me post-application of Caramel, which is much nuder in hue, but not exactly brown. I felt sorta Kylie-ish, but not as perfect as she is with her lined lips, since I applied from the tube here.

Here's a better shot of me with Caramel after I used a thin-tip brush just to keep the lines clean. It's a really soft nude and I love it. It was a windy Easter Sunday when I played with these babies, and the super creamy texture certainly kept my lips protected on a dry day. I like how Bite Butter Creams make my lips look full.

So while it will take a hot second to get used to the Butter Cream lipsticks due to the round, flat top shape, the creamy formula is so, so worth it.

Images: sephora/Instagram; Sephora (2); Amy Sciarretto (5)