'Southern Charm'-er Craig Has Modeling Photos To Fill Out His Portfolio, But They're Evidence Of A Serious Growing-Up Problem

As most Southern Charm fans already know, resident lazy boy Craig Conover recently started modeling again. He's one handsome, fancy gentleman who think it's pretty cool to make money for being pretty, so the career move seems right up his alley. However, his move from future lawyer to future model highlights a pretty big personality problem on his part: Craig needs to be popular, and this career move fuels his major Peter Pan syndrome. I mean, really, are we just going to let him never grow up and rest on his laurels until he's old and gray? That's just not how life works.

Let's take a look at Craig's background: He comes from Delaware (yeah, that's right, he's not even from the South), graduated from law school, has been "working" at a law firm (though, as Cameran Eubanks points out on the show, he must work at a pretty lax firm if he's able to go out as much as he does), and has been putting off taking the bar exam ever since he got his degree. As he noted on the show, he feels no motivation to go into work because he "doesn't need to be there." So, as Southern Charm Season 2 has shown, he picks up modeling gigs to presumably make some extra spending money and spouts lines about how cool it is to be making money for being pretty. He also kicked off his first real appearance in the beginning of the season by claiming he wants a job that caters to his social life and that he doesn't want to grow up. Don't you just love it when a grown man says stuff life that?

But is Craig really doing this thing full time? Or is it just a stunt for a storyline? Well, from the looks of things, he's thrown himself into modeling. And, guys — not that this is important to the point I'm making — the clothes he models are...ahem...interesting, to say the least. Let's take a look at some of his finer work, shall we?

I mean.



The clothing is all by a brand called Social Primer Charleston. Here's their deal:

Outstanding menswear for confident men unafraid to stand out. Daring but respectful. Be THAT man.

(Pardon me while I giggle at the phrase "daring but respectful." I'm not really sure what they're getting at here, but I digress.)

Craig has a law degree and the reason he is not actively pursuing a career in said field is, to put it gently, because he's lazier than a slow loris on Valium. So, he's made the choice to pursue a career that he finds easier (which is not to say modeling is necessarily easy, but just that Craig sees it that way). This would all be well and good if Craig were fresh out of high school, or even if he were in his early twenties, but he's not, and this kind of "I won't grow up" attitude toward his career is just not cute.

As the teaser trailer for Southern Charm Season 2 showed us, at some point in the near future, we're going to see Cameran express her concerns with Craig's apparent downward spiral, but honestly, I'm a little bit surprised she hasn't said anything directly to him yet. The two seem to be really close, and as someone who really has her you-know-what together, she seems like the perfect person to sit him down and give him a talking to. His boss kind of tried to do it in Episode 1 of Season 2, but clearly Craig didn't care what he had to say. I think, if anyone's going to be on any influence on Craig's professional decision-making, it's going to be one of his friends. Either way, it's high time Craig joined the grown-up world with the rest of us.

Images: Robert Ascroft/Bravo; caconover (2), socialprimer/Instagram