7 Reasons To Root For Claudia Jordan, the MVP of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 7

Suck it, haters — after this week's The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, Claudia Jordan is my favorite RHOA . Seriously, Claudia has got to be the MVP of Season 7. I mean, it's because of her that Porsha & Cynthia are getting along again, that Kenya & Cynthia aren't huge jerks anymore, and that Demetria is involved at all. Even her slumber party didn't dissolve into fisticuffs, like every other single time that these ladies put on pajamas. Is it luck? Is it skill? Or is it just good editing? Who cares, because Season 6, while full of great moments, didn't really move anything forward that wasn't also in Season 5.

Yeah, yeah, some people might prefer to watch NeNe twerk and tear up with her Cinderella costumes on, but I'm not that type of fan. If that montage of Nene's greatest moments served as her goodbye to the show, I'd be a little disappointed, but it would be easy to get over, because I've been seriously enjoying the kinder, gentler RHOA brought on by Claudia. Sure, for the first half of the season, it seemed like she was needlessly nosy, trying to be buddy buddy with everyone, getting involved in different conflicts to trying and mess around, seeing where the source of the problems are and forcing them to come to light. She's an active cast member, always instigating, whether it be instigating peace between the ladies or instigating a big fight with NayNay. But it's paid off with a great new season!

1. She's Funny (Unless She's Trying Too Hard)

Claudia is naturally funny. She pokes fun at her corns, her ragged hair, how terrible her dating life has been. Self deprecation goes a very long way among these ladies. Her stand up comedy was a disaster, but she's got great natural charm.

2. She's Made An Impressive Career For Herself

As a model, I'm sure Claudia relied on her looks. But as a host, she's clawed her way up from two-bit gigs to her current position on The Rickey Smiley radio show. Now, it seems like she wants to keep moving up and become the main host, not just the straight man. Ambition — I like it!

3. Her Trip Went Amazingly Well

After this trip, all the ladies are returning to the states happy, relaxed, and friendly — all the things that should happen after a vacation, but never seem to happen after a RHOA trip.

4. Somehow, She Prompted Kenya & Phaedra To Talk

Who knows if it will stick, but Claudia got these two into a room together, but for once, it didn't go the way the rest of the ladies assumed it would. Kenya didn't get aggressive, she got vulnerable. And Phaedra didn't walk out of the room — she admitted that her problems with Kenya were tied to the end of her marriage.

5. She's Refreshingly Honest

She's opened up about a lot of things she's gone through in her past, from getting picked on for her skin color growing up, all the way to opening up with Phaedra about the end of her marriage not being the end of the world.

6. She Tries Not To Hit Below The Belt

When NeNe slut-shamed her, she demanded an apology, and refused to laugh it off. Good, because there are some jokes that do more to drive women apart — like excessive judgement about women's sexual past and marital status — than they are funny. Making fun of someone's wig? Fair game. NeNe's comments about Claudia's "bob" were the best disses in the whole fight. This whole cast would get along significantly better if they just stopped calling one another whores. Consensual THOT digs are acceptable.

7. She Did It All In Her Rookie Year

How many Housewives have debut seasons this incredible? I can't think of a single one who's gone from "rookie" to "star" this fast. Sorry if it seems like I'm biased... it's because I totally am. I can't help it. Claudia has reinvigorated my love for this franchise and I seriously think it will be better off if she sticks around. If that makes me thirsty, than I guess pass me a glass of wine.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy (3)