Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin Reunite For Easter, Because Apparently They're Still Dating — PHOTOS

Perhaps as a consequence of living in such a social media savvy generation, I tend to forget about things that I don't see as often as I check my Twitter feed. So, imagine my surprise at the news that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin were spotted at an airport in New Jersey, in what People calls their first public appearance since attending Harry Styles' birthday party in January 2015. Now imagine my further surprise at the revelation that Lawrence and Martin are still dating, and have been dating quietly during this three month period in which the world gleefully forgot that couple was ever a thing.

Don't get me wrong. I want J. Law to be happy almost as much as I want Beyoncé to be happy. I just don't believe this relationship is actually a thing, and there hasn't exactly been compelling evidence to the contrary. The two stars were spotted at Teterboro Airport, both dressed head to toe in black. However, the photographs of the two are just like most photographs of the two: they weren't together in the same photograph, nor were they actually touching each other. These pictures aren't exactly the smoking gun that was, say, Taylor Swift sitting in Calvin Harris' lap at a HAIM concert. You wouldn't even think they were there together at all, just looking at these.

If you compare those photographs of the couple known as Martin Lawrence to the photographs of Martin at the beach with ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, you might forgive me for being incredibly unimpressed here. Which is not to say that I believe Paltrow and Martin are slowly working their way back to consciously coupling; it's more that Paltrow and Martin do a better job of seeming like two people who like each other (platonically, romantically, whatever) than Martin and Lawrence do in those grainy pictures of them in the same general area.

However, according to a source, the two not only "communicate daily," but have spent this quiet three month period just enjoying their relationship out of the public eye and around their various commitments. "They see each other when they can," said the source to People. "Yet each continues to do their own thing. Both have full plates, and they like it that way." The fact that Martin spent his Valentine's day with his ex-wife and their children doesn't seem to have made a dent on the relationship that is still allegedly "going strong." I still don't know how to feel about this, you guys.

My skepticism has me looking with great scorn upon every report about the pair that doesn't come with a damning image or video of them making out. However, Lawrence is a very private person — even more so these days — and likely would never let such hard proof enter the public zeitgeist by choice. And the more stories that hit the media about Martin and Lawrence continuing to go on dates and continuing be a couple I still don't understand, the more I'm giving up hope that I will ever get a chance to understand what draws them to each other. Then again, it's not my place to understand, anyway. Lawrence's life is her own, and she has certainly seemed happy lately. What more couple a J. Law fan ask for, really?