How To Get A Newborn To Sleep? Watch This Dad Magically Put His Baby To Sleep In Ten Seconds — VIDEO

There's a reason why Jedis aren't supposed to pro-create, and it's not just because the strain of a relationship with the Queen of Naboo could sneakily contribute to the derailment of a madman who wants to take over the galaxy. No, the real reason they weren't meant to have kids is because have too much damn power. The things that are hard for normal parents, like figuring out how to get a newborn to sleep, just aren't as hard for Jedis, as evidenced by this dad (and probable Jedi) who put his baby to sleep in ten seconds. He literally just waved his hand over the baby's face, stroked his eyelids, and blammo! The kid was off in La La Land faster than you can say "may the force be with you."

Regardless of whether or not this man secretly used a Jedi mind trick, this is basically the most revolutionary thing to happen in parenting since the publishing of the picture book Go The F*ck To Sleep. While I doubt this would work on all human babies (if only), it is certainly a feat that we can all be in awe of. I have a feeling this is a firstborn kid, because my mom frequently warned me in my babysitting days about the phenomenon known as "decoy baby," where the first kid is totally awesome and great and easy and the second kid is a total monster (SECOND KIDS #REPRESENT) as an infant.

But seriously, look how how wide awake this adorable tater tot is:


And then BOOM, out for the count faster than me on a Friday night after shotgun eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's.


I'm going to start trying this on my adult friends on parties just to see. I feel like we could all use a good nap. Here's the full technique so you can try it for yourself:

nugimon on YouTube

In case that doesn't work (MUCH SHOCK VERY SURPRISE), there are plenty of other ways you can put babies to sleep. Here's some advice from BabyCenter:

Put them down when they're starting to get drowsy

Around six to eight weeks, babies are at an age where they can (to some degree) train themselves to be slightly more OK with you putting them down when they're drowsy, and then lilting themselves off to sleep.

Don't make eye contact with them while you're putting them down

Babies will look for any and every form of stimulation as an excuse to stay awake and ~PARTAYY~ with you some more, so as rough sauce as it is not to look at them, they'll probably fall asleep faster in the long run.

Dim the lights before bed, and use a very weak night light

Starting about two hours before bed, you can start dimming the lights (if possible), or at least taking them into a room that isn't getting a lot of sunlight in the summer. This will make them more able to keep a sleep schedule and help their little human selves anticipate sleeping on a cycle.

Keep the temperature in the room cool

Warm baths may cause drowsiness, but it's the cool temperatures that follow that will really do the trick. Our bodies respond a lot better to cooler temperatures for better, less interrupted sleep, so try dialing down the thermostat about an hour before bed.

Keep the bedtime routine short

Future you will thank you when you aren't throwing a full-blown parade every time your creature has to hit the sack.

Enforce a bedtime, and stick to it

Obviously the brand new infants don't give one flying spit-up about your enforced bedtime, but as they get a little further into their first year, make sure that you're enforcing a bedtime at the same time every night if you can. Between 7PM and 8PM is recommended, because that way they get plenty of sleep and you get to steal at least an hour of ~me time~ apologizing to your DVR for cramming it to the brim with this season of Scandal.

Party hard, y'all.

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