Lessons On Love & Life From 'Jane The Virgin'

Although I may admire many female television characters, there is only one woman who I want to emulate (and become best friends with) — and that's Jane of Jane the Virgin . Is Jane not the greatest (fictional) person around? She had one of the most implausible things happen to her — getting pregnant even though she is a virgin (thanks to an accidental artificial insemination) and has still kept a positive attitude. And if you think that's the only drama Jane has to deal with on The CW series, you're so wrong. The pregnant Jane has handled a lying (although truly adorable) fiancé, murders at her place of work, finding out who her real father is, and falling in love with her boss/father of her baby. And that's not even the half of it.

Despite all of these obstacles, Jane maintains her status of role model for modern-day women. She still has amazing, caring, and respectful relationships with her mother Xo and grandmother Alba. She finished school while working at the Marbella hotel (while pregnant). She continues to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. And she navigates her challenging love life as classily as possible when she has two fabulous men in love with her.

Now all of that doesn't mean Jane is perfect. But when she has hurt people (breaking Michael's heart, testing Rafael's love, scolding Xo), she has shown genuine remorse. Yet, she also speaks from the heart and isn't afraid to stand up for what she thinks is right — and it turns out, she's right almost 100 percent of the time.

Even if you don't agree with all of Jane's decisions, you can still learn a lot from this woman. So here are the best lessons on love and life from Jane Villanueva.

About Life

About Love

As Season 1 of Jane the Virgin wraps up, I'm sure I will continue to keep adoring Jane. Whether she is actively teaching someone a lesson (hey, she was planning on being a teacher) or just interacting with the people around her, I'll always want Jane to be my TV BFF.

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