Odds Say Kate Middleton's Having A Girl

If you (like me) are keeping your fingers crossed that Kate Middleton's next baby will be a girl, you're in luck. As it turns out, the odds are definitely in our favor. Although the royal family themselves haven't revealed the baby's sex, bookies from British gaming company Punters of Ladbrokes report that 82 percent of all bets they've taken predict that Kate Middleton's second child will be a girl. It seems kind of insane to place money on the sex of an actual, real life tiny person, but this tiny person will grow up to become seriously influential, so maybe it's not that crazy that the people of England are anxious to find out whether Middleton's pregnant with a tiny princess or a tiny prince.

People are also placing bets on what the baby's name will be, whether that baby happens to be a he or a she. Girl names? Alice comes in first, followed by Elizabeth, Charlotte, and Alexandra, while boy names being predicted are James, Arthur, Henry, or Charles. Obviously, this means it will be shocking for gamblers when the newest royal baby is born and named Beyoncé. What? It could happen!

Even though I could never imagine being pregnant and aware that a lot of people have money riding on my child, who hasn't even taken his or her first breath outside of the womb yet, I can't help but hope that the 82 percent is correct. It would be awesome if Middleton's baby is a girl, and I feel like the royal family would be thrilled by it, too.

Prince George would be an awesome big brother


He might be tiny now, but eventually, Prince George will get older, and with his parents' strong sense of family values, he'd probably become very protective of his little sis — an important quality, since his parents will likely be busy, you know, ruling the country and everything. After all, someone has to look out for Kate Middleton Jr. at whatever fancy boarding school these two get sent to, right?

Four Words: Tiny Kate Middleton Outfits

Oli Scarff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Prince George may pull off his classy little boy outfits incredibly well — especially in his tiny overalls and nautical-themed shirts — but can you imagine how Middleton would dress her little girl? Tiny designer dresses, tiny sophisticated flats, tiny coats with matching boots.... she'd be the best dressed celeb baby ever, putting Blue Ivy and North West to some serious shame.

She would be super beautiful

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Because seriously, have you seen her mom? Here's hoping she doesn't inherit her father's trademark hairline.

She and George could be sassy together


Prince George is not only one of the sassiest babies, but sassiest people in general. I can only imagine his little sister would follow suit. Less than a year from now, we could be treated to photos of George and a brand new baby sister's tiny faces looking upon the populace with the greatest disdain. One in a tiny suit and one in a little dress. It's perfect.

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