Tavi, Willow, & Kiernan Wear Crystal BFF Bracelets

by Marc Cuenco

Forget The Avengers — there's a new super group in town. While almost everyone, from the Obamas to the Kardashians, celebrated Easter Sunday, Willow Smith, Tavi Gevinson, and Kiernan Shipka hung out and formed the coolest BFF crew ever (sorry, Taylor and Karlie). These young stars and media moguls were joined by The Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg and singer/musician Lauren Turk on their Sunday fun day. The quintet even sealed their awesome bond with friendship bracelets, most of which were adorned with colorful crystals.

The group chronicled their amazingly bright and sunny day on Instagram with the usual teen weekend adventures, from cruising with the music up and windows down, to shopping for sunglasses, to posing in front of really colorful street art. In one of Gevinson's photos, the five pals locked arms to show their gorgeous friendship bracelets. Shipka, Stenberg, and Turk all chose iridescent crystals wrapped in gold, while the Rookie editor a single white rock. Smith, who opted for a crystal-less gold band with the words "Sad Girl" written on it, even nicknamed their celeb squad New World Order.

Their photos also showed how much each member of the group has her own unique style, but with a unifying appreciation for bold prints and retro-inspired pieces. Here's hoping that we get to see this new clique hanging out more as they prepare for total world domination. Through the power of friendship, of course.

Images: Willow Smith/Tavi Gevinson/Lauren Turk/Instagram