Hillier London's Easter Video Is Too Hot To Handle

If you thought the bare midriffs and all-white outfits that the Kardashians were wearing were too sexy for the traditional Easter ensemble, brace yourself for Hillier London’s sexy Easter video called "Love."

The video, which was just released this morning, stars Emily Ratajkowski, Hannah Davis, Mica Arganaraz, and a bunch of various 8-bit, pixelated bunnies hopping around everywhere. And although you would think that it'd be kid-friendly with the cartoon animals, it's far from it: the video features the models sensually posing in all-white outfits, showing lots of skin. From loose, comfy white tops to lacy, transparent short shorts, the whole theme of love felt very youthful and playful. However, at the same time, you can expect a whole lot of hot and heavy from the close-up camera angles to all the revealing pieces of clothing.

Sexiness aside, the whole bunny theme to the video seems like a little precursor to Hillier London’s new website launch, which will feature a variety of the dainty jewelry that were all highlighted throughout the video. The site will be called Bunny Love and will be released tomorrow, April 7th. You can check out the video below, but as a little disclaimer, I recommend that you don’t watch it in a public place unless you don’t mind being judged. Because I totally watched it at a local cafe and I received a lot of...well, interesting looks to say the least.

Image: Hillier London/Vimeo