'Sherlock's Coming Back, Let's Celebrate

We're fine. We're fine. We're not at all emotionally compromised. The U.S. air date for Sherlock Season 3 was announced. We have a date. It is Jan. 19. Let's try not to freak out too much.

The best part about all of this? The show will almost definitely premiere in the U.K. at least a few weeks before the PBS airing — our money's on late December or New Year's Day — which means Sherlock Holmes and John Watson and all their angst and sexual tension (oh, and their crime-solving) will be back in our lives even sooner.

Another good part the Sherlock Season 3 air date? It means that the existence of Sherlock season 3 was not just the product of our collective fan imaginations. We'd seen on-set pictures and all that jazz, but we still had our doubts.

It's been two years since Season 2 ended, and, in that time, the Sherlock fandom has gone a little, well, crazy. Good crazy! Fun crazy! But yes, very very stir crazy.

This is like finding out a loved-one is coming back from war, except for it's the fun TV version where no one was actually in danger in the first place. So let's celebrate with a butt-load of Sherlock gifs, shall we?

Just look at that SWAG.

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