Mother Elephant Reunites With Her Baby After Three Years Of Separation, And It's All The Feels — VIDEO

If you don't have a box of tissues immediately at the ready, then R.I.P. your shirt sleeve, because it's about to get covered in snot. A video was recently posted of a mother and daughter elephant reuniting for the first time in years, and their joy is so powerful that you will be overcome with elephant-sized feels. But the story behind Mae Yui and her daughter MeBai's separation is so much more heart-wrenching than even their reunion can tell: Three years ago, MeBai was taken from her mother after she was sold to give rides to tourists in Thailand. They quickly realized she was too small to give rides, and has been getting skinnier and weaker ever since. In an effort to restore her health, the tourist company sent her to the program "Pamper A Pachyderm," at which point they realized her mother Mae Yui wasn't far away.

After a three-day trek, workers from the program led MeBai to her mother Mae Yui, who was by then working for a trekking company. Their reunion, at first timid, quickly dissolved into happy elephant crows and bumper buddying as the two rejoiced at seeing each other again. And the best part? Seeing how happy they were together, the trekking company who owned Mae Yui decided to release her into the program as well. "Pamper A Pachyderm" now has plans to rehabilitate both mother and daughter and release them into the wild where they belong.

Here are some of the highlights of their reunion:

The sniff-out


They just can't quite believe it and our hearts just can't quite take it.

Goofy elephant smiling



Happy ear flapping


It's basically like dancing, except way cuter.

All the cuddles


If anybody needs me for anything...just don't.

Happiness forever and ever and ever


And so it came to pass that we were all emotionally wrecked for the rest of the year.

You can watch their full reunion here:

elephantnews on YouTube

Images: Getty Images; YouTube (6)