This Label Put A Sexual Spin On Washing Directions

Ever since Shoeshine's sexist label telling customers to have their mom wash their clothes because it's "her job" surfaced, other brands have gotten, um, creativewith washing instructions. This latest incidence, however, is more hilarious than it is offensive — Singapore-based clothing brand, O-Mighty, has some very sexually explicit washing instructions that are so over-the-top ridiculous, they will literally make you LOL (at least I did).

What the heck is up with printing weird washing instructions on clothing labels lately? Is this some kind of new trend and I just haven't gotten the memo? Or perhaps the new way to make a statement? Can someone please explain this strange phenomenon to me, because IDGI.

According to Styleite, the quite blunt label reads, "HEY BAE EACH PIECE OF OMIGHTY CLOTHING IS MADE WITH A SH** LOAD OF LOVE PLEASE HANDLE WITH AS MUCH LOVE AS YOU WOULD WITH A 7INCH D***" The phrase "Handle with care" just took on a whole new meaning.

The tag proceeds to explain, "NO BLEACHING OR SHIT'S GON BE F***ED FOR REAL HAND OVER TO MAMA IF YOU LAZY AS SH**" Styleite reported. At first I was a little thrown off, especially by that last part, which could read as a bit sexist, similarly to the Shoeshine label mentioned above. But then I realized — this brand is clearly trying to be funny by playing with millennial slang trends. Why else would they use words like bae? I could probably have done without the biased final line (after all, dads do laundry too!), but since millennials often accused of being lazy, it seems O-Mighty is simply poking fun at that stereotype here.

Yes, the whole "handle like you would a 7inch penis" thing is a bit vulgar (okay, a lot), but you've got to admit that it made you laugh just a little, am I right? The company is simply trying to point out how delicate their clothing is, by drawing the analogy to a long ding-dong — totally normal.

So, pure comedy or borderline offensive? You decide.