See 'The Royals' Eleanor & Jasper At The Masquerade Ball In A Heated Game Of Cat & Mouse — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Things are steaming up on E!'s first scripted series, The Royals . Starring Elizabeth Hurley as polished Queen Helena, Alexandra Park as her rebellious daughter Princess Eleanor, and William Moseley as the heir to the throne, The Royals explores the fictional lives of Britain's most important family. With plenty of sex, drugs, rock n' roll, and sultry palace secrets, the show had already secured a second season before the first even began (talk about royal treatment). And this is in large thanks to the twisted romances that unfold behind the palace gates. One of the most alluring relationships is the love and power dynamics of Princess Eleanor and her bodyguard-turned-slampiece, Jasper. When Princess Eleanor first took her handsome bodyguard Jasper to bed, she had no idea he'd blackmail her in the morning. But now, the tides have shifted in their relationship: Is it still all about sex?

In this exclusive clip from Sunday's episode, we see the couple at a royal masquerade ball, and when Eleanor confronts Jasper on the balcony of the palace, he challenges her to expose him for blackmailing her if she truly believed it was still only about sex. And there's no denying that their cat and mouse game is pretty hot.

Watch the exclusive clip below, and watch The Royals Sunday nights on E!

Image: E!